Should FSG bid Au Revoir to Rodgers and say Ciao, Carlo?

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Ancelotti FSG LFC targetCOME Monday Brendan Rodgers will have been in charge of Liverpool FC for ten months. Depending on which side of the fence you sit on those ten months either have seemed like an eternity, or have gone by in the blink of an eye.

Some work in one job for the majority of their lives, but not football managers.

Reports recently came out that FSG are eyeing up a move to bring Paris St. Germain manager, Carlo Ancelotti, to Liverpool to replace Rodgers. Some may see this as a welcome reprieve while others may view it as FSG lighting a fire under Rodgers’s backside. In addition, some may see it as a complete farce while there will be some who view it as a sign of the owners’ desire for success. No matter how you view it, you most certainly view it with some opinion.

There’s no doubt that Brendan Rodgers’s Liverpool side have been far from stellar this season. However, how much weight you put on this depends on your expectations of the club. There’s no doubt that Liverpool should be playing at a higher level, winning more matches, and challenging for Europe, but there are some who could argue that Rodgers hasn’t been given enough time. Personal beliefs aside, let’s speculate that the rumours about Ancelotti are true.

Carlo Ancelotti has had a far more experienced and successful managing career than young Brendan Rodgers. Ancelotti has coached at Reggiana, Parma, Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, and now at PSG. He’s won Serie A, the Coppa Italia, the Supercoppa Italia, the Champions League twice, the UEFA Super Cup twice, the FIFA Club World Cup, the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Community Shield. Not to mention PSG currently sit eight points atop the French Ligue 1.
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In comparison, Brendan Rodgers has won the Football League Championship Play-Offs with Swansea on one occasion. There’s no denying who has had more success.

Yes, Rodgers may be younger and maybe hasn’t had the time to compile the honours that Ancelotti has but is that youth something Liverpool fans desire? In my opinion, Liverpool need an experienced manager to steer them through these tough times, one that knows how to win and knows how to assemble a squad. Yes, I understand they tried that with Kenny Dalglish but perhaps he wasn’t given enough time.

Now I’m not suggesting that Ancelotti will be willing to come to Liverpool or even that FSG are in the market for a new manager. However, en lieu of this season’s performance the leash of Brendan Rodgers may be ever shortening.

If the owners are able to pull off this coup and entice a successful manager to Anfield then God bless ’em. For now we get to watch this current Liverpool squad, bite our nails, and anxiously await the summer when the speculation can all be put to rest.
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  • Footballwatch says:

    Absolutely yes! It was a real relief that we succeeded to get the win against Aston Villa. I just hope that FSG will proceed in decisive actions and in taking decisive decisions with the ultimate purpose to put this historic club back to the right track and make it a title contender team again! If you wish you can watch the game in full and its highlights on http://www.footballwatch.net/team/37

  • LFC4LIFE says:

    We can’t keep replacing managers, we are not Chelsea, cost 10 million to get rid of daglish, then we brought Rodgers and his staff for 7 million, Rodgers signings have worked, coutinho,sturridge, he now wants to bring Ericsson in and alonso back, I think he going into the right direction, this season if it wasn’t for mistakes we would be alot higher, 59 goals scored more than man city! Just mistakes have cost us.

  • H says:

    Recently???? This “story” was doing the rounds in December! At least be original, if not, best not to bother…..

  • Omensa says:

    No mate ancelotte w’dnt solve our tikitaka phil. 4 now we need 2 play like or as ajax and barce or dortmund or bayern and the best manager 2 lead us are Cruyff and guardiola. If not the possible candidates is in order of preference klopp,laudrup and pellegrini. And its impossible 2 get the first priority so laudrup and pelle are possible or give rodgers time and employ CRUYFF as his righthandman [SD].

  • redsamoan says:

    It would be complete and utter stupidity from fsg to let rogers go so early. Watching liverpool from here in samoa i can honestly say its been a lot more pleasant on the eyes than last season (god bless kk by the way). Ancelotti is old school while rogers excites with his potential… like some of his signings that are yet to, and may still do, fire.

    • Jay says:

      we wont win anything with rodgers.
      Ancelotti may bring boring football, but ask yourself what do you want, success wining cups, trophies or nice tika taka football and not winning cups, trophies?
      it’s a no brainer, no debate about..
      sack rodgers, and bring Carlo Ancelotti.

    • TaintlessRed says:

      Not sure I agree with you but nice to hear from a fan so far afield. Are there many LFC fans in Samoa, mostly expats or locals? Beautiful part of the world!

      • Jay says:

        ya Samoa nice place…can we stick to the subject … u know about sacking rodgers, and hiring Ancelotti… isn’t there a song about “sack rodgers and hire Ancelotti”.

  • luizito says:

    we must keep rodgers because he didn’t take his time.dalglish wasted many on average players that we can sign them for less number and didn’t sign a player like :coutinho,sturridge,allen. rodgers must stay and take a bigger chance with bigger transfers budget.

    • Jay says:

      stop with the keep rodgers debate..and stop slacking KD…
      sack rodgers, and bring Carlo Ancelotti…

  • mario says:

    sack the man already.

  • Jay says:

    no debate, sack rodgers, and bring Carlo Ancelotti, he’s exactly what Liverpool need.
    and, once he comes, we’ll back Carlo Ancelotti to the hilt.
    he’s got experience, knowledge, and he’s a success.
    so, no debate, let’s not argue about it, don’t even think about it, don’t even doubt it….
    sack rodgers, and bring Carlo Ancelotti….isn’t there a rap song about it…sack rodgers, and bring Carlo Ancelotti…

  • Rob says:

    We are a budget club most of these kind of managers are used to working under owners with a bottom less pit.

  • Rob says:

    Not saying Rodgers is the right man he still spent Allen £15 borini£11m & £3m on the Moroccan guy lol sorry another waste of £££££. I do believe the 2 jan signings now and for the future will be excellent. And has for Benitez haters how can you hate a man that took our club to number1 team in Europe? Plus look at what the guy has done with no superpower teams £££££££.

  • jjparr78 says:

    To sack BR now would be absolute madness! It would put us back at least another year trying to implement new ideas. Im sick of being in transition and waiting for what may happen. We made a mistake not giving KD another year lets not make the same mistake with BR.

  • simon says:

    Sack Rodgers ASAP .we are going to get nowhere with him .
    He is way out of his depth

    Carlo would do fine

    • Chan says:

      Carlo or any other experience manager like Rafa would do just fine. We could give BR another 10 months or 10 years and we would be luicky if we are still playing in the top flight, let alone chalenging for honours.

      Just a simpoler question, if you are Suarez who would you rather have as your manager, the hapless BR or serial winners like Carlo or Rafa ?

      Even a club like Reading knows what BR is all ablout and it took them only 6 months to realize it .

  • frank says:

    Certainly BR does not fit to guide LFC to the top four. His selection of players’ transfers is way below LFC’s requirements. Give him time ??? RB was not given time and yet LFC won the Champions League Cup ! LFC needs an experienced manager.

  • Geoff says:

    No choice at all. Rodgers has been a huge disappointment.
    We need a proven man like ancelotti to attract top players
    Rodgers must go – not good enough

  • Matt .dublin says:

    Out of his depth . That best describes Rodgers. Simply put – Rodgers is not a top class manager. He cant handle big playersand his tactics are poor.

    Carlo would be a huge step up , but so would anyone

    • jgarayisok says:

      He definitely should be doing better with the squad he has at his disposal. Lucas coming back from injury didn’t help. Losing Kelly and Borini to injury was just unlucky. However, with Suso, Sterling, Wisdom being blooded this year and the balance of the squad having to learn a new system, they should at least be in 4th place. What is taking BR so long? This game is not at all difficult.

  • fotheringham says:

    Carlo please . Definitely. Definitely.

  • kirbyking says:

    silly question . adios Mr Rodgers – you have been poor

  • Mikey says:

    The fact that we are continually being linked with numerous Swansea city players shows up Rodgers’ glaring limitations. We should be casting our net far and wide to pick the best talent we can afford not looking to take on average overpriced centre backs from Swansea who stated to the media that they want to punch our best player.

    We have been shambolic in the domestic cups largely down to his team selection and ignorance of the strengths of the opposition – something which has leaked in to league games.

    We have nothing to go on but faith. Rodgers is good at BSing the media but surely fans can see through his words about the ‘group’ and claiming we have had ‘success’ this season. He has been complicit with FSG in buying himself time (letting Kuyt, Maxi and Bellamy go) this season and pleading that his team are young etc. For me, King Kenny was far more ambitious last season bringing in half a new team and bedding them in and got us two cup finals. I see nothing in Rodgers that will bring us any silverware and the contempt he showed for the domestic cups this year was shocking.

    I’m not saying we should sack him, not yet anyway. But if we are not in contention for top four by next January, I think the time for BSing will have to stop.

    • Craig says:

      Oh my, you are deluded mate. Kd more ambitious? The man bought carrol,hendo and downing for massive fees, benched kuyt so much he left and we finished 8th in the league, if thats your idea of ambition were fooked.

      Regardless of who we get in, fsg will not pay big wages anymore. So big names will go elsewhere. You cant buy champagne with lemonade money. Our team is as good as we can sustainably afford right now, no cl means less cash and a less calibre of player. The players br has bought are young and hungry. Coutinho, sturridge,borini( when fit ) and allen ( when played in a more advance role,he’s 5’6″ and played as a dm for most of season) not sure whats hapened with assiadi.
      Give br 2 seasons and we will become great again. Sack him now and were in for 4 years of transition again.

      • Liam says:

        Your deluded .and totally clueless about football. Give Rodgers two years and we will be great ? Lol lol

        I bet a little keyboard warrior like you has never even been to a match. Typical armchair lunatic who doesn’t understand football

        • Craig says:

          Ha ha maybe in your world liam we can just keep sacking managers a be successful. And i’m sure messi and ronaldo will come will come to liverpool if big carlo anceloti is our manager. Its never going to happen you nob. You talk about br being out of his depth and having no clue how to win games, yet you praise the ambition of kd who’s buys have set us back 2 seasons. Atract big names you say? Kd = downing, carrol, enrique, henderson. Br = sturridge, coutinho, allen, borini, assiaidi who has bought more wisley? The defence is from the rafa, kenny era and this is where we have struggled all season. And what are you talking about i’ve never been to a match? I’m a season ticket holder. I bet Your the divy booing our own players like lucas and hendo everytime they make a mistake. I’m a realest lad that can see work being done, your just some glory hunting blert that wants instant success. If they do sack br and his replacement fails doesnt win the league in his first season you’ll just turn on him too. Fickle plazzy fans

  • Olsen says:

    Rogers out. Anceloti or whoever in

  • redrum says:

    Sack him . Pleeeeeessssseee

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