Should FSG bid Au Revoir to Rodgers and say Ciao, Carlo?

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Ancelotti FSG LFC targetCOME Monday Brendan Rodgers will have been in charge of Liverpool FC for ten months. Depending on which side of the fence you sit on those ten months either have seemed like an eternity, or have gone by in the blink of an eye.

Some work in one job for the majority of their lives, but not football managers.

Reports recently came out that FSG are eyeing up a move to bring Paris St. Germain manager, Carlo Ancelotti, to Liverpool to replace Rodgers. Some may see this as a welcome reprieve while others may view it as FSG lighting a fire under Rodgers’s backside. In addition, some may see it as a complete farce while there will be some who view it as a sign of the owners’ desire for success. No matter how you view it, you most certainly view it with some opinion.

There’s no doubt that Brendan Rodgers’s Liverpool side have been far from stellar this season. However, how much weight you put on this depends on your expectations of the club. There’s no doubt that Liverpool should be playing at a higher level, winning more matches, and challenging for Europe, but there are some who could argue that Rodgers hasn’t been given enough time. Personal beliefs aside, let’s speculate that the rumours about Ancelotti are true.

Carlo Ancelotti has had a far more experienced and successful managing career than young Brendan Rodgers. Ancelotti has coached at Reggiana, Parma, Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, and now at PSG. He’s won Serie A, the Coppa Italia, the Supercoppa Italia, the Champions League twice, the UEFA Super Cup twice, the FIFA Club World Cup, the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Community Shield. Not to mention PSG currently sit eight points atop the French Ligue 1.
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In comparison, Brendan Rodgers has won the Football League Championship Play-Offs with Swansea on one occasion. There’s no denying who has had more success.

Yes, Rodgers may be younger and maybe hasn’t had the time to compile the honours that Ancelotti has but is that youth something Liverpool fans desire? In my opinion, Liverpool need an experienced manager to steer them through these tough times, one that knows how to win and knows how to assemble a squad. Yes, I understand they tried that with Kenny Dalglish but perhaps he wasn’t given enough time.

Now I’m not suggesting that Ancelotti will be willing to come to Liverpool or even that FSG are in the market for a new manager. However, en lieu of this season’s performance the leash of Brendan Rodgers may be ever shortening.

If the owners are able to pull off this coup and entice a successful manager to Anfield then God bless ’em. For now we get to watch this current Liverpool squad, bite our nails, and anxiously await the summer when the speculation can all be put to rest.
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  • Liam says:

    Financial suicide to keep Rodgers . He is a below average manager who hasn’t a clur how to win matches

    He will never get us top 4. He can’t attract top players and he signs rubbish players
    Get rid.

  • terry says:

    I hope the rumors are true. Rodgers is a poor manager.he deserves the sack

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