FSG made their bed – now should continue to lie in it

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Tom Werner & John HenryA friend once suggested Gringo is short for ‘Green go’; a phrase he claimed used to describe unwelcome American army personal in Vietnam. This imaginary origin of the word, in my opinion, is particularly apt in describing the mercenaries who claim to be ‘custodians’ of Liverpool FC.

The word actually just refers to people who have a certain type of accent which prevents them from speaking Castilian (or Spanish) easily and naturally. I believe, so far, the ‘accent’ (the spirit and way) of FSG seems to not sit well with the ‘accent’ (the spirit and way) of Liverpool FC.

Rodgers’ Liverpool stumbled and bumbled to a fortunate win over Villa. Not convincing but an okay display. Villa will feel hard done by, quiet rightly as they dominated for much of the game. If Villa do go down by one point then Gabriel Agbonlahor will be haunted by the point-blank-save-by/shot-hit-straight-at Pepe Reina. The European dream, nay the Europa League dream isn’t over – but we never dreamt of Europa League football…

We dreamt of Champions league football and that dream, like our season, ended long ago.

As this season officially starts to draws to a close, I wonder if FSG (those Football Club Spoiling Gringos) will be writing us another letter of apology. I hear the rumours of Carlo Ancelotti replacing Rodgers and feel nothing. I’m not full of joy or despair, and there is no excitement or anything else. I’m indifferent. Why?

Last season Kenny Dalglish lead Liverpool FC to two cup finals, wining one and an eighth place finish. Andy Carroll struggled but started to look like a real footballer at this point of last season (much like he did this weekend, maybe it’s his lucky time of year). FSG backed Kenny Dalglish with money but not time.

This season Rodgers has not been backed financially when compared to last season. A great deal of the ‘dead wood’ on big salaries and underperforming, has been cut away from the LFC teat. They now suckle elsewhere, and shall never darken our door again, amen. FSG are expected by many like me to back Rodgers with time, a luxury not afforded to Kenny. Looking back now, last season was even more of a success.

We’ve heard a great deal of noise referring to Carlo Ancelotti heading to Anfield. If this is the case then why have FSG wasted Rodgers and LFC time and money?

If FSG wanted a proven manager with experience and respect in the game then King Kenny was here and succeeding; given time, I firmly believe his way would have worked. In my opinion Sterling would have come through just the same and Coutinho and Sturridge were already on the LFC (and everyone else’s) radar. I believe Jonjo Shelvey would have had a better season under Kenny. The support from Rodgers seems to be inconsistent while Kenny always stands firmly, shoulder to shoulder with his players. Maybe Kenny had to go because of the support he gave his players (Suarez-Evra-gate). In my opinion this would not have been a good reason to sack King Kenny, and I hope that played no part in FSG’s thinking (or lack of).
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Carlo Ancelotti is a good manager, but he will want real money to bring in his own players. I would like Rodgers to be given another season to prove his ideas work, or don’t work. Life is short but two seasons is a fair crack at being a top manager for a top club. If we’re not top four or narrowly missing top four next season then I will meet anyone outside Anfield with a banner begging for Rodgers to go and a Carlo Ancelotti type to come in during May 2014.

What point was there to the ‘Rodgers experiment’ if we change now?

Chopping and changing managers has only worked for clubs with almost unlimited funds such as Chelsea. We aren’t like Chelsea, and need to heed the warning of managerial change radiated by Newcastle United in the past, Blackburn Rovers and others.

Imagine building an extension where you suddenly lost faith in the builder and sacked him halfway through the job. You still have to pay him the full amount owed (unless he finds a new job sooner, when you can pay him less). You still need the extension, so have to pay a new builder. In the beautiful game, you have to sack the support staff too; they need to be paid and new support staff must be hired. Usually all the people coming in have jobs elsewhere, so they need to be bought out of their contracts.

Everyone needs to be paid, money spent here, there and everywhere! The costs of each managerial change must be at least £9+ million (last season LFC spent £9.5m on exceptional payments which included payments to King Kenny and costs of hiring Brendan Rodgers).

Would you run your own finances like this? Not me (at these prices, I’d have kept Kenny).

The idea of giving a relatively unknown, young ambitious manager, a shot at the ‘big time’, in my opinion needs to be explored properly before we throw in our cards and play a new hand.

Now we’ve rolled the dice let’s play the game properly and find out if we’ve won or lost. Let’s get behind Rodgers and see if he can take us to the top (ish) of the table.

Disclaimer: Rafael Benitez is welcome back any time, he’s got unfinished business and more importantly he’s one of us. In Rafa we Trust.
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  • gideon says:

    @stevieg i suggest you try reading something mate. You failed to read it was his second not his first season. He then goes onto finish much lower and almost has them in them in the relegation zone four seasons later. Would you give Rodgers that much time? Its fairly obvious you wouldnt. This site is pathetic and thankfully isnt a reflection of how Liverpool fans normally behave. Id like to think these are totally normal angry fans with an opinion. Unfortunately ive visited sites before that paid people delibrately to wind other posters up. None of you have engaged my points properly. This site is going on the banned list.

  • ChRiS says:

    Its SIX years since G & H first infected OUR CLUB, if any F S G clones think our “status” is improving look where we were then..TOP of the UEFA rankings , @ our 2nd CL final in 3 years, (Athens 07) now, we are not (yet) in a european qualification position, in a League which boast NONE of the current Champions league quarter-finalists, and a manc team already “crowned” . who 31 points ahead of us..and probably the worst utd side I have seen in the last decade.. (CS) … yeah, thanks yanks! for “saving us”

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