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Rodgers talks target for next season

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LFC managerLIVERPOOL FC manager Brendan Rodgers believes that he has made a good start to his career at Anfield, and believes that the progress he has made in his first season can help launch them to a top four spot in the 2013-2014 season.

The Reds are guaranteed seventh place in the league heading into their final game of the season against relegated side Queens Park Rangers, and although Rodgers was hoping he could steer Liverpool towards a European spot, he is adamant that the experience he has gained will hold him in good stead for the next season.

The Northern Irishman told The Liverpool Echo:

“This year has provided a great learning curve for me and I look back and see that it was learning that I needed, I knew the expectancy of the club but going into next season, I am a much better prepared manager for that.

“We want to make significant improvements next year in the points total because the reality is we are 30 points behind the leaders and 11 points behind the top four. But I’ve seen enough and if we improve our mentality in the summer – by signing players who have that consistent winning mentality – we can then improve again, like we have done in the second half of the season.

“There is a process of getting into the top four and becoming champions and that is consistency. You build a mentality in your group and you get the types of players who can be on it every single game. I’ve loved every minute of being here and the small steps of where we want to go. But now I want to make bigger steps.”
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  • bob says:

    the minimum target has to be top 4 , any less and its failure
    no more excuses , he has had time , and a lot of cash

  • Olsen says:

    Liverpool dont need a manager on a ‘ learning curve’ . We need a top manager NOW . we are falling behind the big boys more every year
    Only a top manager can get us back , not a trainee manager

  • FSL says:

    After net spend of £40m BR is talking of investing again in summer. With no European football at all next season the youth will never get a game.

  • tartan360 says:

    Daglishs won us a mickey mouse cup and spent way more. He’s not improved us in the league and actually set us back…

  • ray says:

    Get off B R s back – he is going to be FANTASTIC

  • Ray says:

    His a great coach!!! I know his had a bit of money..but when your owners like ours that run liverpool like a buisness,we are not going to be able to compete!!! He needs a fair bit more money…and they need to start making pre-arrangements with top players now…don’t wait for them to get snapped up by other clubs!!! If he has the full backing by the owners…I think he could get us back up there!!!

  • piet says:

    Rogers is also too blame whit the owners they loan out carrol and have none in and for the owners they need too back the manager more but they won’t spend any dollor in liverpool its the same shame when G & H took over

  • David says:

    I have suggestion Bob maybe to speed success up we could buy it online? I’ve got lots of things quicker that way it may save all that pesky waiting around for somebody to put the necessary work in it requires to actually build success because as we all know short cuts are the way to success. All the great achievers in life have done this…..Shamkly…..Ferguson… Thie list is endless of managers who brought success In there first 24 hrs of management . I’m with you let’s just keep playing the short game and who knows in 20 time we might just of found the manager who can bring us this instant success in a bag just add water….Grow up for gods sake Bob.

    • GAZ says:

      Grow up yourself you fool. Nobody expects instant success. But only a total muppet thinks that Bodgers is ever going to bring success

      Comparing Bodgers situation to shanks or fergie is preposterous and shows your lack of knowledge

    • Dennis says:

      Grow up david please . You are embarrassing yourself

  • LORD BOOTLE says:

    Rodgers prefers undersized players unless we uncover a Messi we are in trouble

  • GAZ says:

    See the stupid Spanish Waiter has only gone and “ruined” another club eh? Top 4 from 6th last season Plus a European trophy-pathetic stuff.

    Are you watching Aldo, Whelan, Lawrenson and other know-all LFC Leg-Ends? Not to mention Carragher himself.

    No doubt the usual suspects will be out trying to convince us that success is actually failure or that the credit is due somewhere else (it was Houllier’s team -right?). Presumably these are the same people who make out they prefer the “fresh approach”, top 8 finishes and European incompetence of Hodgson, KD and now Bodgers – not to mention their obviously superior transfer dealings.

    Have it your own way boys. With a bit of luck we could achieve a stirring (or should that be “woeful”) 61 points this season. Enjoy the open top bus tour.

    • Erin says:

      Fully agree. Benitez was our chance to stay at the top. Watching him win for the most ungrateful club ever instead of our club was depressing.
      Some people here are delusional and think Rogers will turn great. He is a trainee! Wake up. Last summer the media circus decided It was time for upper coming managers to get a chance, hell Martinez was hailed as a genius. So too was Lambert! Remember him? Yep was linked with our club as well. Oh, and mr Rogers. All amateurs that will take another 10 years to reach D moyes level.
      We need Rafa back before the slide becomes irreversible

    • Mark Henry says:

      The problem with ratpacks is that they think British is best when it comes to management, Rafael Benitez change that mentality when he took over the club. It was very sad that the owners disrespected El Sid, and now the club is suffering really badly, so to all the panel of x .players that are in denial keep up the bad work you bell ends. Big up Gas for telling speaking the truth.

    • Dennis says:

      Excellent comment Gaz . Still cant believe how a no mark like Rodgers got the LFC job . Staggering stupidity by our yank owners ( again )

  • Mark Henry says:

    We need El Sid aka Rafa back!

  • Kevin1522 says:

    I dont see how we are supposed to challenge for a top four spot when we are looking at signing hand offs from Wigan. Listening to the rumors makes me sick. I hope there is no truth there. We cannot sign mediocre players and expect to finish in the top four (Bottom Line). Seems like Brendan just sits back and accepts defeat everytime we lose. To top it off he passes of comments like we are making improvements. We definitely need a manager wo is hungry for success and he does not meet that criteria. My dissapointment seeing one of the world’s most successfull clubs play this type of football almost makes me want to miss the games.

  • stevieG says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
    – Without a top manager we have NO chance of success.
    Rodgers is not a good manager and never will be

  • bj says:

    IMO I’d give him one more season, players he inherited let him down, imagine what rodriguez would have offered instead of henderson, what kuyt would offer instead of downing who has to wait till mid season to pick. Let’s give br a chance for next season bcos since sturridge n coutinho came in lfc have been exciting to watch offensively. Playes like sterling, suso n wisdom did actually let us down. So let’s give br a season more even if he says he’s on a learnin course. Dalglish got us into dis mess n thanks to d owners for firing d guy he does not fit in with us at all, if he did it @ first he got it wrong in his second.

    • stevieG says:

      Rodgers chose to let Kuyt leave and he wasted millions on rubbish like Allen and Borini instead of buying good replacements ..so it’s like his own fault

      And why should LFC have a manager wo is learning ? When we could get a proper manager now

  • bj says:

    Sorry mean to say player like sterling, suso n wisdom didn’t let us down.

    • Erin says:

      Yep, blame 18 year old kids. Without Stirling and co contribution we would be further down. Crazy comments. The apologists amaze me. Won 15 drew 12, lost 9 games!!! Is grim reading .

      • Dennis says:

        Spot on. The excuses people come out with are ridiculous

        A good manager doesn’t need any excuses

  • fotheringham says:

    Brenda out . Or more mediocrity next season

  • Kopter says:

    This is hilarious, Rodgers has publicly admitted he is on a learning curve and therefore a novice wet behind the ears rookie. I give him four months into next season and the fans will star revolting.

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