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Liverpool could swoop for Paraguay forward

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ParaguayLIVERPOOL have been handed a boost in their pursuit of Benfica forward Oscar Cardozo, according to talkSPORT.

Fenerbahce’s move for the forward has broken down, which has alerted Liverpool, and surprisingly Chelsea. The Premier League sides have shared an interest in Cardozo in the past, and look keen to reignite that interest.

The Turkish club had been leading the chase to sign him, but the Paraguayan could now move to the Premier League.

Cardozo has been linked with a move out of Lisbon after Benfica’s dramatic end-of-season collapse.

Fenerbahce president Aziz Yildirim has revealed that a deal has hit a stumbling block over Benfica’s £14.5million asking price.

“Let’s see if we can find a club that will pay £14.5m,” he told Record.

“Wait until the first week of July. Cardozo is a great player, but we have to consider the interests of the club, and see if there is a club who will pay £14.5m for a 30-year-old.”

Cardozo scored 17 goals for Benfica last season, and was a surprise name to be linked with the Reds considering Brendan Rodgers’ desire to bring youth to Anfield.

But the striker, who scored 7 Europa League goals in 9 matches, has attracted the Reds boss thanks to a fantastic scoring rate.
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  • Johnny says:

    Ha Ha, LFC do not pay £14.5million for a 30 year old, who would struggle to keep a place in any top EPL team. He has what, maybe 2/3 years left. Where do you get your information from, Walt Disney.?

  • Geoff says:

    This is bull . Cardozo is cr@p.

  • Raam says:

    Wow!! The things the press and soccer journalists do to sell their papers are astonishing. Maybe they get some kind of percentage cut if the mentioned player becomes hot auction item.Cardozo,no disrespect to him, £14.5m for a 30 year old is too ambitious!

  • Eoin says:

    He’s 30 years old! The only way we wil be signing 30 year olds is on Free Transfers like Toure. Get real and stop making up tripe or repeating other peoples tripe. We are all tired of this type of rubbish.

  • Sanjred says:

    If I make a statement ” my urine is turning blue” and put it on an interment blog…. That would probably get more hits.
    Seriously…. Lfc “could” swoop for him??….. Lfc “could” swoop for anyone. It would be refreshing to read a story headline with a fact or reference.
    I “could” win the lottery if I bought a ticket!!
    Poor, very poor article

  • Happy says:

    Lol…thats crazy dont bring him…ts better to bring HULK or ROONEY

  • red 4 lyf says:

    We shouldn’t go for a hasbeen and rather go for a proven young striker .

  • sanya daniel says:

    i suport what happy said, is better to bring hulk or Roney it wil be better than cardozo pls.

  • muhammed said says:

    Cardoso. Is a world class if u seen him,Isaw with benfica and paraguay and skillful and has eye on goal.

  • Benco says:

    taaaa muhamed stop using sentiment here pls is u sa cardoso is a world klas wat wil u call sturidge wh score 12goals in 14 apperance pls pls cardoso is an old crap..if he eventurly get an injury knwn his own is gone pls we dont nid him pls….!!!

  • Benco says:

    Press una de mad..una wan put us 4 depress una papa any nonsense una go carry am 2 LFC u guys should stop all diz rumors..if cardoso scores 17 goals last season in all competition an sturidge score 12 goals in jst 14 apperance den wh is best..?

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