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Truth in the transfer market: Time for a British revolution?

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Liverpool EnglandWHO will replace Luis Suarez? ‘Nobody, I hope’ is my reply.

The names currently being linked are illogical in any case. Any player in his prime, playing for Real Madrid/Barcelona’s first team will have many Champions League club offers, and offers for crazy money from oil rich clubs around the world.

If they move to a club outside of the clubs that have got a realistic chance of winning the Champions League, then it will either be to a club they supported as a child (from their own home nation) or they have become mercenaries and want the pay day.

One player fellow Liverpool FC fans like to mention is Angel Di Maria. I would like to remind my LFC brothers and sisters his name is Angel Di Maria not Saint Di Maria! I dream too.

Higuain or Angel Di Maria, like any professional at the top of their game – established – would not want to join us. We don’t (I hope) pay crazy money anymore and he will (like Suarez) want to play in the Champions league. He is not a boyhood fan, admittedly he might turn into a boyhood fan if, once signed you stuck a camera crew in his face. If Arsenal, Chelsea or any other Champions League team came knocking on his door and offered the same money then such players would pick them! If he was available then they would knock just as loud as us…but are more likely to be heard.

Liverpool FC are in a special place right now. We can build with a British coach and give British players who have to live in the UK a chance to start a long fruitful career. I’m tired of seeing British players overlooked, forgotten and ignored in favour for more interesting sounding foreigners. I fully accept there is a premium to be paid for British players.
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In signing Downing and Henderson we paid a multiple of that premium and I still wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of the financial waste. We can however sign players such as Tom Ince or Gary Hooper or Alex McCarthy for more reasonable rates. Why don’t we? They will not get homesick; they will not fail to understand the culture. Why don’t we take a gamble on them?

We already have Kelly, Henderson, Wisdom and Sterling as well as Gerrard and Johnson. Ok, so maybe Gary Hooper isn’t the type of player we want but what about the others? Who else would you like us to sign?

Now I’m not Xenophobic. I fully rave about and rate our Coutinho, Enrique and others. I just see a longer term future return from players who are British, likely to stay at the club longer, likely to stay in the UK and looking even further into the future…be TV football pundits with a bias towards Liverpool FC!

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An armchair fan who loves the stadium experience but likes the bread and butter of replays, moronic pundits, a drink in a pub atmosphere. LFC is my religion.

Common sense is missing from football but the situation is always complicated so I endeavour to give opinion and encourage discussion and thought about LFC.


  • Ibrahim says:

    We are more likely to ask for Morata, if Suarez goes to Real and use the rest of the money in buying other players like Papa, and a DM.

    • Roy says:

      I agree, Rodgers has still not addressed our biggest problem. Defensive midfield. We have’nt had one since Mascherano.

  • red says:

    Go for quality. Race, religion, nationality or anything else is nothing.

  • Richard Eguasa says:

    How u a lvpl fan?

  • scouse ed says:

    British , European or wherever – the fact is that right now we can not attract top players.

    With tight owners and a mediocre manager no top players will come

  • luke8989 says:

    I am sick of seeing over priced, over paid, under-achieved British players!!!

  • Roy says:

    You have to get the best you can, plus value for money. Buy an overpriced English player, that’s probably average at best, you’ll never get a return for your cash. Apart from Gerrard, there’s not much class there, maybe potential from Sterling and Kelly, apart from those mediocrity at best. In an ideal world i wish all of our clubs were overloaded with English players, but then we’d probably have the worst league in the world.

  • Ashley says:

    I agree, we should buy Gareth Bale, Joe Hart and Jack Wilshire.
    Get real, all the decent British players are overpriced or already and a Top 6 club.

  • lee says:

    if you dont wish to win anything a team full of british players are perfect…

  • stevieG says:

    Stupid argument. We should buy the best available , who gives a fk where they are from

  • adetunji says:

    All british player are over hip by the british media,every team want value for their money,but in english player you have no value for your money .

  • Kelvin peters says:

    Br has nt stil settle our probs,he shudn’t forget dat our major probs is d backline nd defensive midfda.pls o he shud nt make mistake nd buy british flops again nd we need to upfload d once we have

  • Jojo says:

    Absurd. Under Dalglish we bought everything British under the sun: Downing, Henderson, Carroll, Adam and Bellamy. He lasted a year and a half and spent over 70 million pounds on Brits and they are all some combination of gone and underperforming. Get the best players period-the club is not a British charity organization for sad pants British footballers.

  • REDONE says:

    British players overlooked, forgotten???…..that is because most of them are just NOT good enough!!!. Do you still think that Liverpool have not learned their lesson from last year’s, DALGLISH total WASTE of LIVERPOOL FUNDS???. With british players m8 you will win zilch, in todays modern game!, this is year 2013 and NOT the eighties!!!

  • Dennis says:

    The 15 millions on Joe Allen was the biggest waste of all. Totally overpriced and useless

    • Vikas Dhingra says:

      £35mil for Carroll and not sold for £15…£20mil wasted and you think Allen is worse?????

      With the right players we’ll do well….i’m just suggesting Bitish players at the right price are worh a look.

      • Dennis says:

        We got some value out of carroll. He helped get us to two cup finals , scored the winner in semi etc etc. Allen has ooffered nothing . A complete waste of 15m

      • TaintlessRed says:

        Vikas, I can’t really comment in Gary Hooper as I don’t watch Celtic games but Mccarthy has only 26 top flight appearances and at best would be a no. 2 keeper and would be better off having 3 more years regular football elsewhere. He’s been less impressive than either a young Carson or Kirkland when we got them and look how they turned out.

        Paul Ince thinks Tom Ince is worth £20m+ ! judging by his performances in the u21 euros and that he hasn’t kicked a ball in the top flight he’s actually worth about £5m tops.

        The British / English players that have quality are either already at big clubs or ridiculously expensive. We’ve got enough of them already anyway imo.

        Unless they arrive young or are already LFC supporters British players are no less loyal. Sami Hyppia was more loyal than Owen & McManaman who both spent more than a decade with our youth teams. They wanted trophies and glory and both left for Madrid, like Suarez may.

        Downing or Henderson dont want to go elsewhere as they know they’re rather unlikely to be good enough for any other big club.

    • char says:

      more than Carroll ?you make me laugh.

  • Gary says:

    The 3 British players u mentioned are useless. They wouldn’t get in the Everton team. WE ARE LIVERPOOL FFS

  • Raam says:

    We cant blame the players entirely.its the clubs who put the pricetag on their players. Even now, Paul Ince was telling it would take a rediculous offer to convince him to sell Tom Ince. How about £10. Is that rediculous enough? Kenny paid the heavy price for his view about buy British policy.

  • Ozred says:

    One of the most moronic pieces of literature I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. Carroll Downing Adam Allen all horribly over priced flops who to this point have added nothing. Add to that Henderson who is a solid British citizen but one we paid 4 times his worth and u have a 100m of waste. And the players your suggesting… R u a mole working 4 Man U? Embarrassing journalism!

    • Vikas Dhingra says:

      Thanks for the comments. Yor right, we don’t want flots.

      Have you forgotten Sturridge? Stering? Kelly?

      Yeah its early days but the right British payers are worth bringing in to LFC. Fine, your sayng thers not much there….that a fair point…still worth looking.

      We have bought more foreign flots then British. I’d ather shoot myself then work for Man Ure…unless i was working for LFC as a mole at Man ure lol

      I’m not saying just bring in any old Biriths players…just good ones.

      We paid too much for Allen and too much for all players bought under KK. No idea what was going on….that’s not how I would spend my money and thats not how i wan our club run!

      • stevie says:

        Vikas……thoroughly agree with you. I commented a couple of weeks ago that we should buy the three you mentioned. Would also have tried to get lescott for a cheap price. Citeh don’t want him. Judging by the response to your piece, not many agree with you which is a shame. You need a strong english spine….6 ot 7 players getting regular games. We did well playing the english guys during the second half of this season

      • ozred says:

        The right price for the right British players that can add value is fine… The three playes you’ve mentioned + Shelvey didn’t cost any more than Downing on his own… you do the maths…

        But if you think continued investment in average British talent is the way forward then put the white flag up now. We are Liverpool and need to get to the top.

  • imoff says:

    It’s a great article thank you Vikas Dhingra you made my day i can’t stop smiling i must be in dreamland

  • char says:

    asernal were talking about breaking their transfer record of 15million and they’ve always been ahead of us in terms of quality &depth compare Henderson &cazorla. price and quality we’ve been reaped off for so long ,thanks Rodgers you are doing agood job. ynwa

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