FIVE reasons why we shouldn’t feel Blue

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Suarez LFCLIVERPOOL, as a city, once again showing the world how good it can be!

Whether you talk music, history, grandeur, European Cups (5 don’t you know), or a local derby it is right up there with the best of them.

A game for the neutral that had it all, intensity, pace, quality, goals, controversy, desire and drama, but for those either side of the blue/red divide all it provided was a record number of 999 call outs to address cardiac complaints!

At one point I thought my heart had actually burst through my chest as if I was John Hurt (if only Sigourney Weaver had been present!), yet with the dust settling I find myself happy with the point given that no side has left with more in the league in 2013.

Now sure in instances like this, picking out the negatives in the aftermath is somewhat like shooting fish in a barrel. We could go on and on about our set-piece defending, THAT miss, not playing Sakho and some chap masquerading as a referee but that is a truly a fruitless venture. Of course I am not saying we should bury such topics like Trevor Jordache (points there for memory!), but I consider myself quite a positive chap post 90 minutes so want to raise what I feel are the plus points to take away from Goodison, the kind of stuff that falls to the wayside in the modern game when 3 points are not secured, so here we go:

Jon Flanagan:

I am a firm believer in with holding my judgement of a Red until they have left the club. Whilst a player wears that famous shirt it is imperative that they receive our support to drag through lean patches or to help settle. Yet even with this in mind, Flanno had left me in cold sweats as I recalled Ewood Park under Kenny. I wont lie, his name on the teamsheet at the Emirates and then less so across the park had me worried but it is fair to say the young man was excellent.

Certainly on Saturday he tackled well, disrupted, was not overrun and added offensively as well. It is testament firstly to him that he has fought back from such a low to the level he is at now (exactly the attitude we want from each and every player in red) and secondly to Rodgers who shows that regardless of who you are the door is open if you apply yourself at Melwood, a fantastic message to filter to the younger members of the squad and the academy.

Joe Allen:

I can guarantee I will get flak for this and of course it looked easier to score or lay it on a plate for Suarez, but that single incident detracts from what I thought was a solid comeback into the starting line up, being a clear miss when he was withdrawn. With him in the middle, reading the game as well as he does and his distribution in general gave us something to look forward to when he is back at his very best.

I see his future in the mould of a ‘Xavi’ in terms of being busy in the middle of the park, always offering himself for a pass and retaining possession, and as I mentioned before he reads the game very well meaning he can intercept and disrupt oppositions in a subtler way than say a Mascherano (who I would crawl over broken glass to bring back to Anfield). I know he isn’t exactly flavour of the month, but he needs our support.

Brendan Rodgers:

Whilst I believe that some errors were made in the game, for instance I would have liked to have seen Sakho handle Lukaku (stop it!), praise where it is due I saw an element of Ferguson in him.

One of the reasons why United have been so successful is that Fergie would rather lose going for a win than draw, which more often than not they did. As Everton were growing in confidence and the pressure was increasing into an equaliser Rodgers could have quite easily packed the midfield or thrown on a defender, but instead he withdrew Lucas for Sturridge.

A criticism of Rafa in the past was that he could be too cautious preferring not to lose a game. What we saw at Goodison was a positive gamble that given our team spirit and quality is one worth taking in my mind.

Simon Mignolet:

Wow! I mentioned it on Twitter that I believed, given his form in recent seasons, had Pepe Reina been in net instead we could have been looking at a very different result, and whilst to an extent I agree the Belgian has to work on his distribution, I would much rather it was that aspect of his game that needed working on than any of his others! A stronger wrist could have helped prevent Lukaku’s first and I can think of one or two out there who probably could share their wrist workouts!

Luis Suarez:

Kudos to the man that he finished 90 minutes as another may have finished their career following that Miralles challenge. We all know he has his bad points, and I’m sure I’m not alone in being disappointed with his Guardian piece in the summer, but to put in that performance after going to Jordan to play (was the Price right? See what I did there?), then on to Uruguay to play and then rushing home the day before says everything about him as a player. I would be loathe to sell him for any amount of money, look at a Spurs with no one to Bale them out.

I think you have had 5 of my best, and hey lets hope Mr. M’Vila liked what he saw, what do you think? Agree or disagree? Have you seen other instances?

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  • pino pino says:

    I hate Joe Allen why?Cos he is so proud of being Br boy.When he missed that sitter he didn’t even say sorry to Suarez or even feel remorseful cos he knows Br will not loan or sell him.

  • pino pino says:

    I hate Joe Allen why?Cos he is so proud of being Br boy.When he missed that sitter he didn’t even say sorry to Suarez or even remorse cos he knows Br will not loan or sell him.

  • Liam says:

    Bullshat article as usual.

    Tim Williams is to journalism what Joe Allen is to Liverpool – a complete waste of time.

    • Tim Williams says:

      Ahhhhhh Liam! You missed me? You missed a couple of my articles which were probably awful!

      I like how you think I’m a journalist! Gives me a warm feeling inside

  • jeremy says:

    finally nit someone just criticising allen for one miss , allens not a goal scorer , it didnt take that miss to figure that out , but what he is , is a good passer a good tackler and a good reader of the game and he did that fantastically on Saturday . just remember that he was essentially playing in an alien position to him yet did a decent job. don’t judge him from motd

    • kav says:

      No one is criticising Allen for one miss . He is criticized because he is totally f**kin useless.

      He did nothing ‘fantastically’ on sat , that is in your head . In over 40 apps he scored 1 assisted 0 and been total and utter pathetic.

      Easily the most lightweight useless player I’ve ever seen in a Liverpool shirt. He is a pansy pure and simple. Even rubbish players like poulsen got stuck in .he deserves nothing except a free transfer out of here

      Only a complete idiot could possibly defend Allen .

      • stevieG says:

        …..I think one idiot just did. Lol

      • Tim Williams says:

        Well Kav you have certainly raised and argued a wonderful football point there which is truly hard to counter.

        Let me try a few points to kick start a discussion I’m sure will be respected and rationally thought out….

        Worth stating that his career at anfield to date has been blighted with injury which seriously hampers form, but at his fittest when he first came he was player of the month, performing excellently against both yaya Toure and Fellini…..lightweight!

        Did nothing ‘fantastically’ on sat….hmmmmm sometimes jobs in football are less glamourous and tough to pick up, the role of Allen is to limit the space opposition have to play in, pressurising and harrying, which some of the time means the opposition play backwards. It was apparent that Everton had a lot more space to play in once he left the pitch. Last season Allen led the entire league in interceptions for a long time (even while injured) as he reads the game so well. Is he perfect? No he needs to work on his game to get more goals and assists.

        If he is one of the most useless players you have ever seen n a Liverpool shirt I would suggest that you a) haven’t watched Liverpool for that long or b) don’t quite get football

        • kav says:

          Yawn. As I said – only a idiot would…

          • Tim Williams says:

            Cracking and expected response Kav, I’m sure there is a bandwagon for you to jump on to qualify your opinion! Failing that there is always name calling…

        • Diego 'Digger' Souness says:

          Unbelievable last paragraph!
          Someone who doesnt rate Allen according to Tim:
          a) haven’t watched Liverpool for that long or b) don’t quite get football

          Errr, i think thats most of us then!

          • kav says:

            Basically EVERYONE except dim tim . The clown just bores us all with his lame excuses and blinkered bull every week.

          • Tim Williams says:

            Hey Diego, re-read it before you have a pop lad! The paragraph has nothing to do with whether you rate Allen or not, it has to do with Kav’s statement of him being the most useless player seen in a Liverpool shirt!!

            If you to get annoyed about a statement at least get annoyed about the correct statement!

          • Tim Williams says:

            There you go again Kav, rather than respond with a footballing argument you resort to name-calling!

            I must have something for you to read my lame excuses and blinkered bull each week though, so thanks mate 😉

          • kav says:

            No . I read any old shi7e . Football arguments are beyond you so I dont waste my time.

          • Tim Williams says:

            Sounds likes cop out to me Kav! Shame really

        • ian says:

          Not defending Allen or anyone’s opinion but Arsenal fans wanted Ramsey sold last year, booed almost every game. He came back from awful injury and wasn’t the same, played out of position etc.

          Now he’s outperforming Ozil.

          Football can be quite fickle at times and that’s why I love it.

          However, I do have reservations about JA but almost all of us did about Lucas and Henderson, now these two are not world beaters yet are important cogs.

          Personally I think Allen is, ok, nothing special at all and sometimes not being special is not a hindrance, even if you miss an open goal.

          Would rather have Ozil tho.

          • Alex says:

            So what ? This ain’t about arsenal . That’s none of our business . Kop on

          • ian says:

            Just using another team as an example Alex of how quickly football players can change.

            Not having a dig or anything, I have no desire to kop on, or whatever. I also went on to discuss Lucas and Henderson, that is our business.

  • Erin says:

    Reason number 6, Pascoe the mastermind 🙂

  • Denis D says:

    The thing is J Allen(24) and J Henderson(23) are both average at best, both cautious, both good passers, both mobile, both have good energy and a bit of pace about them, both of them buckle in front of goal, both do not create enough chances, both can still improve. The main reason Henderson (24) gets ahead of Allen in all honesty is because of his Versatility.

    Allen(23) and Henderson(23) are good squad players, they are good players against the likes of West Ham, West Brom, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Hull and Norwich.

    But against better sides, with better centre midfielders they would struggle.

    But they are two players who can get better in few years time,

    But in January the owners need to give Rodgers 60-70M to bring in these 5 players and we will definately make Champions league this season:

    1: DM: M’Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for 10-14M to compete and cover Lucas(26)

    2: CM: Koke(21) Of A Madrid for 15-18M to compete with Allen(24) and Henderson(23)

    3: RW / RWF: M Salah(21) Of Basel for 12-15M to play on right wing or as right wing forward

    4: LW / LWF: D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal for 4-6M

    5: FD: K Mitroglu(25) Of Olympiacos to compete and cover Sturridge

    M’Vila(23) and Koke(21) would bring class, creativity, goals, mobility, bit of pace, power, steel to the centre of park.

    Capel(25) and Salah(21) would bring class, creativity, goals, pace, speed and width to side on either wing.

    Mitroglu(25)would be a steady cover for sturridge and bring class, pace, power and goals to side.

    Those 5 players are needed in January, then the top 7-10 club we have been during last five seasons would be changed. And we would become top 1-3 side

    • ian says:

      I agree Dennis and JH/LL being average players have helped us to second.

      People will say Suarez and sturridge but LL/JH have done most of the dirty work.

      Some of the players you mentioned would not entertain signing for us in January if we were not where we stand.

      Thats why I see this easy start as a blessing not a curse.

      I do hope we manage to sign a couple of players you have written about, would really help us push on again.

      • Denis D says:


        I am hoping Rodgers signs all 5 of them.

        We have been linked with Pastore(24), El Shaarway(21), Turan(26) and loads of other names. But each of these players would cost club 22-30m each

        Rodgers needs to bring in M Salah(21) Of Basel who terrorised Ivanovic and A Cole all night on tuesday with his electric pace and speed, drifting from wing to wing. And D Capel Of Sporting Clube De Portugal, Rodgers could bring in both those wingers for 22m the price it will cost club to bring one of those attacking players above to club.

        Capel(25) and Salah(21) both possess electric pace, speed, skill are both direct, love 1 vs 1 with full back, both good delivering crosses into box and both can score and would score goals for side from out wide.

        M’Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan and Cabaye(27) Of Newcastle, would cost the club 30-32M, the same amount club spent on Allen(24) and Henderson(23). But M’Vila(23) and Cabaye(27) would replace the class and quality club have lacked for over 5 years now, as the class, quality of Alonso and Mascherano in centre midfield has never been replaced. M’Vila(23) is in Mascherano Mould, Cabaye(27) is more mobile, creates more and score more goals, doesn’t have Alonso Range of passing. But those two would dictate and dominate centre midfield for the club, like Alonso and Mascherano used to do for us.

        Sturridge and Suarez need some class, competition and cover for their places: And they do not have that in Aspas or Borini, as they are both pony, useless to say the least. So K Mitroglu(25) of Olympiacos should be brought to club also

        But do not think it a must must must, but if Rodgers wants to show fans and world that we actually mean business and want to get back in champions league this season, then he needs to start bringing in class,quality players of Champion league quality who will bring more class, quality, quality competition for places and depth to the squad.

        In Cabaye(27), Capel(25), M’Vila(23) and Salah(21), Those 4 players are vital.

        M’Vila(23) and Cabaye(27) will bring more class, creativity, GOALS, MOBILITY, Power, Steel and strength to the centre of park. We could go to places like Everton, Newcastle, Swansea and Dominate with M’Vila(23) and Cabaye(27) in centre midfield with either Gerrard(33) Or Coutinho(21) playing as the AM depending on side. If our club played against Young nibbly creative fluid mobile pressing teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Southampton and Swansea then Coutinho(21) would get the nod ahead of S Gerrard(33) in the attacking midfield role.

        But If the game was against the likes of Fulham, Hull, Sunderland, Man City, Newcastle, Norwich, Stoke, Tottenham, West Brom or West Ham: Team with Mobile experienced physical Centre midfielders in the centre Of Park then Gerrard(33) would get the nod ahead of Coutinho(21) in the attacking midfield role.

        Capel(25) and Salah(21) would keep full backs pegged back with their class, creativity, direct approach and their pace and speed out wide.

        So those 4 players are a must for Rodgers, K Mitroglu(25) would be good and ideal back up to Sturridge and Suarez. But not vital

        But the four players below are vitally important to our Top 4 pursuit all the way through to end of season and also our outside but slim chance of league title :

        Cabaye(27) CM M’Vila(23) DM Salah(21) RW / RWF Capel(25) LW / LWF

  • callum says:

    silly read , not much common sense in it . dont think the writer even watches the games

    • Tim Williams says:

      Tell me what you disagree with and why! Beautiful thing about football is the difference in opinions!

  • khris says:

    I agree wit the article. I don’t see y most ppl jump down on Ja because of one little miss. Great article

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