Rodgers’ positive approach to be admired

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GoodisonWHILST our second half performance at Goodison Park wasn’t perfect, it gives me a great insight into the mindset of Brendan Rodgers. And I like what I see, because I see a man that doesn’t want a draw, he wants a win.

When the game went to 2-2, I was beginning to think that we’d have to settle for a point. You would take that in a derby. Obviously the situation changed again and I was definitely happy with a draw. But what I liked was that at 2-2 and even 3-3 with just injury time remaining, we kept going for it.

We didn’t want the draw, we wanted three points. In the situation we found ourselves in, I can’t help but find that admirable. And I think it is testament to Rodgers that he kept on going for it, kept on making positive substitutions and deserved the pay-off when we managed to rescue a draw.

It was a bit hairy at times, with Everton messing up a couple of good opportunities on the break but we managed to scramble and recover. Thankfully for us! But it would have been easy to sit on 2-2 or sit on 3-3.

The attitude and approach after our late leveller was very pleasing. We kept on piling forward and we were very unlucky to not win the game. If Suarez’ searing half volley would have gone in, we’d have been lording it over our city rivals yet again, but we just couldn’t score what would (probably!) have been the decisive goal.

Every point counts in our quest to return to the Champions League and Rodgers wanted more than a draw. It would have been a huge win for us. In the long run I doubt a draw in this game would be too damaging to our hopes – a loss might have been. We now enter an enormous month for us and which will have a huge say on where our season is headed.

But Rodgers obviously sees the bigger picture. The more wins we get under our belt, the easier our life will be later in the season. And we went for that win yesterday. It’s not anything new as Rodgers rarely sets up negatively or for a draw, but I thought it was a pleasing glimpse into his attitude to persist with attacking in a tight situation in such a big game.

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  • Erin says:

    Missing the point entirely. We went at ht with a 2-1 score line . Shut shop and set up counter attacks. The didn’t come. Instead, Everton were counter attacking. Why? Where was the game plan? Why is it that we just couldn’t set up a counter ? Within 20 min, it could have been 5-2 …. It was embarrassing .
    Selection. Allen should not have started. Clearly low on confidence ( I won’t enter the debate whether he is good enough to start). Fans questioned the selection before hand. Right now, it looks a long way back to the first team. Although Rogers and his mum might have other ideas.
    Allen is not the only one. Gerrard had played too many games and needs a rest. Too many passes went astray. And glen Johnson? Oh dear, some more liaisons in defending are needed .
    Positive? Try pragmatic approach

  • kav says:

    Nonsense write up really . A more tactically aware manager would have got 3 points in that game

    Fact is – Rodgers deserves no credit after picking Allen . Once again he gets it wrong in a big game.

  • stevieG says:

    Anyone making a defense for Joe allen is being silly.

    Allen has made 224 appearances and scored just 9 goals. ….9 goals for an attacking midfielder . Is Rodgers mad ?

    How can any manager pick someone in attacking midfield who doesn’t score or create goals .

    It’s shocking favoritism …..Rodgers is not big enough to admit he made a catastrophic error in judgement in buying Joe ‘xavi’ Allen

    • TaintlessRed says:

      Absolutely. He’s never an attacking mid. GE can only play one position. Which is as the middle midfielder between Lucas and an attacking midfielder. Even in this favoured position his performances have been well below par. Rodgers started him last season ludicrously against ManU and GE was awful and cost us the game that time. He nearly dud the same. He can’t play with his back to goal, panics in final third and while he’s a tidy passer (or can be) he doesn’t have enough range, variety or guile to play further forward. Could have (should have) played either Coutinho or Henderson centrally if Sturridge really wasn’t ready to start with either Moses or Sterling wide.

  • pino pino says:

    I just don’t want to talk about Allen cos he is the most favourite player of Rodgers so the more we hate him the more his father Rodgers loves him,If Allen is an attacking midfielder then cattermole is better than Messi.I have told Rodgers the more he favours the more he loses points.

  • pino pino says:

    I just don’t want to talk about Allen cos he is the most favourite player of Rodgers so the more we hate him the more his father Rodgers loves him,If Allen is an attacking midfielder then cattermole is better than Messi.I have told Rodgers the more he favours, the more he loses points.

  • ibk says:

    Allen is not an attacking midfielder rather a central midfielder

    • Erin says:

      Neither. Just a low level midfield player only Rogers and allens mum think he is good enough. Not attacking, not defensive, sideways passing midfielder. Rogers would call him a false attacking mf player… With a positive attitude .

  • Andrew says:

    Allen should be on Liverpool girls team . That is where he is physically suited to .

  • stevie says:

    I could have scored the allen chance. It was easier to score. Please send allen on loan to southport for the next 5 years. If they want him!

  • adetunji samuel says:

    Am happy to hear all these comments, well spoken, I never liked BR Since d first day. He is too emotional just as benitez and that is costing us now, Rodgers and most of his signings should *Off.. We don’t need any average mind at anfield.. YNWA


    I can’t imagine my grand mother loosing dat gr8 opportunity 4rm joe Alen.Dat’s y i lov controvercial Morihou,he make sure alen did nt feature in any match again.Wat a 9yt mare Alen gav al d liverpul fans.

  • Etiemana says:

    Im not a big suporter of allen bcos ihabent seen much off him. But BRs decision to compact d midfield is perharps wat made everton luk inferior thruout d game. D midfield was our game plan. he(allen) had a gud game prior to dat missed chance.

    • TaintlessRed says:

      Disagree. Allen was picked (though shouldn’t have been) to help control midfield against a team that plays 3 midfielders. His job was to get on the ball and pass it. He was unable to get any rhythm going or get on the ball. He did okay on closing down opposition and pressing at times, but Henderson would have done that better.

  • ian says:

    Still second, some tough games on the horizon tho. If we get through December relatively unscathed, top four should be secured.

    Sign another couple of gems in January and who knows what could be possible.

  • fernando hussain says:

    Joe Allen, should not be allowed to wear the LFC shirt ever again. The guy had the audacity to clap the LFC supporters when he got subed and then top it all off Rogers gives him a hug to console him for his miss. If that was Fergie, Jose, Wenger or even Moyes, Alleen would have been shipped out on loan the following day. Allen has done nothing since he joined us hence he tried to be a hero by tying to score in a derby even a bilnd man would have scored but Joe did not even hit the target, is it any wonder Surez wants to leave when you have clowns like this in your team! If we had gone 3-1 up the game would have been over for sure instead 10 minutes later they equalise. Rogers is too stubborn to admit he made a big mistake buying this fool for 15 million and now is too embrassed to sell him because no one will pay £1 if he tired to sell him in Jan.

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