Date: 17th January 2014 at 7:01pm
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1376495221870This is a tricky one for me, but I am leaning towards Sakho as being the starter of the two players.  With Mamadou Sakho back in the squad for Stoke and Agger out, I’d like to consider an often asked question – which of the two should start?

I really like Daniel Agger and I think he’s a fantastic footballer, but the biggest issue I have with him is his fitness. He has improved in recent years but he just can’t be depended on can he? I was thinking to myself against Oldham that we’d used all three substitutes; I hope nothing happens to someone like Agger. Lo and behold, it does.

Coupled with poor form and a series of niggling injuries, this season has been far from Daniel Agger’s finest. With a team so lax at defending set pieces you have to look at individuals to do their job and Agger is always good to get outmuscled, out jumped or to let his man go. I can think of at least three goals this season where he has been had off in one of those ways.

Is it a lack of concentration? If you lose a header to a taller man then you can sort of accept that, but to lose your man so many times in a short period is alarming to say the least.

Six years his senior, Sakho looks like he has an error in him at all times but has rarely done anything wrong. Like Agger he is accomplished on the ball and has a confidence to accompany that fact. He’s quick, strong and looks good in the air. Ultimately we’re still getting to know his game and how he plays but I think we always look a more solid proposition with him in the side.

For me though we shouldn’t have to be choosing between the two. This argument that you can’t play two left footed central defenders together doesn’t wash with me. Especially when you have a player as experienced as Agger, he should easily be able to slip to the right hand side of defence. I would consider playing them together, because Skrtel is capable of mind melting stupidity that one day will cost us dearly.

Would it work? I don’t know, but it isn’t a partnership that Rodgers fancies by the looks of it.

There’s definitely room for them both in the squad though. Agger is probably at the stage of his career where his last hope of a big move will come this summer. It may already have gone. Barcelona have long been rumoured to have an interest. If he doesn’t go this summer, he never will. I like him as a player and a person but for me he should be on the bench at this moment in time.