Why A Break Is A Good Thing for LFC

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BhgmhC7CQAAeXh2Liverpool have achieved some wonderful things under Brendan Rodgers this season.  I don’t think anyone could see us sitting at 2nd place in March after finishing 7th last year.  However at this point in the campaign, it’ll be good for the team to take a pause and have a well-earned period of respite.

For all the wonderful attacking talent in the squad, it remains relatively threadbare for a club with Champions League hopes.  An injury crisis at the back and a lack of forward reinforcements, not to mention a limited pool of quality midfielders to call upon means that Brendan Rodgers has been unable/unwilling to rotate his players during periods when some have really needed a rest.

The Christmas period was one such example; after an already hectic schedule, we had to play both Manchester City and Chelsea in the space of three days and while we were outstanding at City despite the 2-1 loss, you could see the players were knackered at Stamford Bridge.

Two or three new additions could have helped during the January transfer window, but alas nothing came of it.  As a result, the squad has sometimes struggled to play three games in a week even if they are handling it surprisingly well.  However, the break this weekend brought on by Sunderland’s involvement in the FA Cup means that Liverpool get a 10 day rest period after the international fixtures to get ready for the Man United game next weekend.

Not only will it be good for the Reds to recharge their batteries in Tenerife as part of Brendan Rodgers’ training camp, but after that feel-good 3-0 win away to Southampton last week, the players will be gearing up for the United game with a hunger and belief that will only increase with every passing day.

United don’t get that luxury; while their weekend game against West Brom was a good opportunity to restore some confidence, they won’t be as fresh as Liverpool will be when the two sides meet at Old Trafford, an advantage the Reds will look to take advantage of when they inevitably shoot out the blocks in the first 20 minutes.

Liverpool’s other rivals for top 4 and the title also don’t get that luxury.  Arsenal and Everton fought it out in the FA Cup before the former has to play the return leg of their Champions League game against Bayern Munich midweek, while City are in exactly the same situation.  Chelsea played Spurs, in a game where a draw would probably would’ve been best for Liverpool.

This time off is exactly what the Reds needed before the final home run this season where we’ll look to pick up the maximum points possible in every game from now on.  I don’t know if Liverpool will win the league title or not, but this break will give them one hell of an edge.

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  • Aaron says:

    “Over thinking ruins moods and kills good vibes.” Let us/the team keep things in perspective and hope they don’t over think on heir time away.

    • Josh Atkins says:

      I’m sure they won’t. Brendan Rodgers is a fantastic motivator and man manager, he’ll make sure their heads are in the right place.

      • Aaron says:

        Nice comment Josh. Glad times have changed on this site, a few months ago you would have been hunted and burned at the stake for a comment like this.

  • Martinmarx says:

    While you might have a point, there’s also the risk the team lose the momentum that playing every week brings. I really don’t fatigue is a problem to the team right now. Glad to read you positive take on it but I fear we’ll be a tad rusty come next Sunday. Hope you’re right and I’m wrong because anything but a win and we’re out of it. Thank God Spurs lost last night. It practically allows us to lose two games without jeopardising 4th.

    • Josh Atkins says:

      I think teams can only become rusty if they don’t play any football for over a month. Most of the players have only been off for 10 days after internationals and they’ll be training in that time. They won’t lose match fitness in a week and a half, I’m positive!

  • magic man says:

    Cant wait till next weeks game again’st sum’chester utd, think we’ll win by 2 clear goals easy. We’ll put another nail in moyes coffin not that I want him to get sacked, think hes doing a great job at scum’chester utd. Lol

    • stevie says:

      You can bet they’ll save their best performance of the season against us. They would love to spike our hopes of winning the league

      • Josh Atkins says:

        Only thing that worries me is that they will bombard us with crosses, which we’re not good at defending. However Sakho’s return should help us deal with that, and I don’t think United’s defence will be able to handle Suarez and Sturridge.

  • Ozumba Edwin Ebuka says:

    Lfc can only win if they can only put that fighting spirit they did against Arsenal,Spurs,Everton & Southampton.I wish them well as they purshue their first premier title since 1990.YNWA

  • DagunD says:

    Like a PROTOTIPICAL ARSENAL FAN, I will like to initiate a PETITION against tottenham cold{hot}spurs fc for deliberately succumbing against chelsea just to sabotage our {LFC} chance to lift the EPL crown come May. Please if you ever come across #SIDGURSON, help ask how far they have gone in realising THAT BIG BETTER BRIGTH DREAM of theirs @the lane. #YNWA.


    i have a bad feeling manure wld play dia match of d season against us but i pray they wld make so many errors out of fear dat wld helps score 3 unreplied goals….nd dat our players wld end d match unscathed…YNWA

  • David Tyrer (Editor) says:

    I think you’re very right here, Josh. I think we had enough players on international duty – getting plenty of game time, too – not to mention the whole week’s worth of training ahead of the big match on Sunday, to ensure that the usual rustiness from a long break isn’t an issue.

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