To penalties, then.

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Steven-Gerrard_3021161Liverpool’s last three trophies have all been won on penalties. There was the League Cup against Cardiff in 2012, the FA Cup against West Ham in 2006 and of course, that famous night in Istanbul against AC Milan in the Champions League. Liverpool are in a fight to win another trophy this season; the much coveted Premier League, of which every fan is obviously aware.

Last weekend, we suffered a setback. The loss to Chelsea means that the league is no longer in our hands, so cruelly snatched away after we wrested it away from Manchester City only two games before. But the key thing to remember is that we’re still not out of it.

It can be tough to get back up and believe again, especially after the soul-destroying way that Chelsea seemed to completely sap the Reds’ life force on Sunday. But some would have you believe that we’re done. That our chance of a nineteenth league title is done. They don’t believe us. Perhaps they never will.

Yet how many twists and turns have we seen in the final months of a Premier League season these last few years? When one side was seemingly odds on to win the trophy, only to slip up at the eleventh hour and gift it to their rivals? And then win it back right at the death, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat like so many famous teams do. Man City did so only two years ago.

So can we.

We snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in Istanbul. We did it in the FA Cup. We did it at Wembley two years ago. We can do it here. Our last five games of the season have – and will continue to – feel as intense and high pressure as a penalty shootout, in more ways than one. We scored the first one against Man City. The second went in against Norwich. But then we done goofed, and blazed it over the bar against Chelsea.

We have two more chances to put it right, against Crystal Palace and Newcastle. Palace will be tough as hell, and knowing us the Magpies might not be the cake walk we’re expecting it to be either. City have scored their first two, now they have 3 left. Everton away, Villa at home and West Ham at home.

I’m not expecting West Ham to put up any resistance (though wouldn’t it be something if Andy Carroll scored the goal that helped us win the league?) but Everton’s injuries aside, City have a terrible record at Goodison Park. It would be incredible if Everton got anything out of that game, but it’s possible. Villa should be easy, but then they always surprise you with phenomenal performances against the top sides.

We have two penalties left. Manchester City have three to press home the advantage. If they slip up even once, we can be right back in the driving seat.

No pressure, guys.

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  • shaheed joseph says:

    Fingers crossed mate! , fingers well and truly crossed!

  • pino pino says:

    Sell Lucas the guy is a joke,cant shoot,cant assist,cant run,very lazy.Infact I will be surprised if Br starts him in attacking role again.If Mancity lose we should set up to counterattack at Palace.Drop Flanagan 4 palace and play Cissokho.

  • Kay says:

    Pino once again you embarrassing youself, lucas is anything but lazy and Cissokho offers nothing going forward or defending, Do you ever make sense, you’re the joke mate.

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