5 ‘Marquee’ Signings Liverpool Are Believed to Be Chasing

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Di Maria is reportedly on Liverpool's radar

Di Maria is reportedly on Liverpool’s radar

As Liverpool’s ‘transfer committee’ begin to close in on deals for Loic Remy, Dejan Lovren and Divock Origi, there is increasing pressure for Liverpool to splash the cash on a genuine, top-class player to take a stab at filling the void left by Luis Suarez, not to mention daily rumours about who that may be.

While some want an exciting, direct replacement for Suarez others are more realistic and feel a player that can add to the team and take some of the pressure from the likes of Coutinho, Sturridge, and so on, would be a much better option.

We’ll take a look at some of the players Brendan is reportedly running the rule over.

[ffc-gallery]Click here to take a look at the list of players currently rumoured to be being chased by Liverpool.[/ffc-gallery]

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  • isaac ssali says:

    Dats gd for Liverpool

  • matt helm says:

    Isco for me – watched him playing since he was a youngster and can’t believe he didn’t get more games. Second choice Vidal.

    • Simon says:

      Agreed, Isco is by far and a way the best of these options. His style would fit perfectly with Liverpool’s and he’s young enough for there to be plenty of progression. That said I think it very unlikely that we’ll get him!

  • UgaPool says:

    Isco is okay. LFC has gone cold on the Left FB position. We need able cover as Enrique is now injury prone!

    • Simon says:

      Not only is Jose Enrique injury-prone but he is a complete liability: definitely a weak point in the team.

  • Bash says:

    Isco and Antoine Griezmann for me, would make our attack absolutely awesome…
    The pace of Sterling, Markovic, Griezmann … Guile and craft of Lallana Isco and Coutinho would give us so many options, if, as I suspect we will predominantly play a 4-2-3-1 and leaves us flexibility to switch to a 4-3-3 too.
    I’m not choosing any defenders because I expect BR to sign a really good LB , CB, and even a RB.
    No strikers because we have Sturridge Lambert and Remy all capable of leading the line by themselves!!

  • gemini13 says:

    They are all priced too highly because the top 5 English teams have money to burn .I doubt Reuss comes here. Benzema would be a statement and improve the team. Isco -the problem is we have Coutinho,Lallana,Markovic and others at his position.
    Vidal would be a great signing , but at no more than 30000 euros.

  • I kha says:

    Isco Ricardo Rodrigues

  • Abdallah says:

    Marco Reus or Vidal

  • Denis D says:

    B Rodgers should sell L Leiva(27) for £10-£14M, O Assaidi(25) for £5-£6M

    And then he should spend £56M of the L Suarez(27) cash brought into club: £75M on these three central midfielders:

    CM: T Alacantra(23) Of B Munich for £25-£35M Gerrard’s Successor ( J Allen(24) competition)

    CM: M Sissoko(24) Of Newcastle for £8-£12M physical presence, height, pace and power, class, creativity and goals ( J Henderson(24) competition)

    DM: E Banega(26) Of Valencia for £6-£8M class, quality, mobile, good tackling ball playing DM ( S Gerrard(34) and E Can(21) competition)

    And B Rodgers should spend £17-£26M bringing J Cuarado(25) Of Fiorentina or Pedro(26) Of Barcelona to the club.

    Those 3 attacking players would bring more class, creativity, goals, mobility, pace, quality , quality competition for places and speed to our squad. And E Banega(26) would bring class, creativity, experience and quality to squad.

  • eborah onyeka says:

    I prefer marko rues or d maria,den in d midfield vidal.Brendan rodgers really needs 2 sign a cb nd a lb

  • David says:

    I suggest that Brendan Rodgers should sell Agger, Borini, Lucas, and Assaidi. Then buy the likes of Vidal(proven midfielder), Reus(great in attack/goals)/Isco(just like David silva) and Lovren. Which means selling price for d players will be in the range of £42- £50million + luis suarez’s. Buying price will be around £80- £90 also trust dat Rodgers can bargain their price lesser than £80

    • Ziad Ali says:

      Bro dont forget the 60£ mil wete givin from the owner for champions league success comeback 😉

  • Eberehz says:

    Reus and Di maria is ok for now just get this two

  • Emmanuel ndoda says:

    when we get them we are going to win all cup

  • james newton says:

    Make us happy and get di Maria and isco

  • Lameck oyengo says:

    Please bring in Di maria it will be a big boost for us

  • Nigerian Koprince says:

    The Possibility of signing any of these players is 30%.. Br and fsg should stop chasing shadows

  • Roger says:

    Get the leftback position filled quickly. Only after that talk about marquee signings. There’s no point renovate a boat to look good on top if we’re leaking at the bottom.

  • Dustin says:

    We need a top striker and we need to buy the gunners captain to boost the defence

  • MaZe says:

    Reus and Di maria? Can’t happen

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