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Can Liverpool Really Win the League This Year?

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Calling all Liverpool fans, could this year be the year? Is this the year that Liverpool can win the league? It’s time to breakdown the probabilities and take a look at Liverpool’s chances so you know if you’ll be in celebration mode and ready to place your bets, or if it looks like you’ll find yourself disappointed at the end of the year.

The Race So Far

Here’s what we know for sure. So far, the campaign to win the league has been a very exciting one for Liverpool. The fans want it, the coaches want it, and the players want it, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to getting the job done.

Fans have been treated to all kinds of action up to this point. It seems each game brings new surprises that lead to anticipation and stress. The season is just past the halfway mark at this point, as it finishes up in May. Obviously, that means there’s still a long way to go, with plenty that can happen.

The first half of the season saw some pretty challenging match-ups that Liverpool were able to walk away from victorious. In fact, they were able to beat some of the biggest teams out there. The players were performing well and the team seemed to be meshing. Of course, in order to have a real shot at the title, this needs to continue in the second half of the season.

Their Drought Pushes Them Forward

It’s amazing what a drought can sometimes do for a team, which may be what we’re seeing with Liverpool this year. Liverpool haven’t managed to win the league since 1990, which is an awfully long drought. They beat out Queens Park Rangers back in April of 1990 and there hasn’t been a title since.

Over the past 25 years, the title has been awarded to six different clubs. During these 25 years, the club has seen all kinds of changes with seven different managers trying their best to win the title. As of yet none have been successful, but the tides of change could be coming.

Professional Tips?

If you’re looking at their odds of winning more from a betting point of view, you may want to check out some professional tips at this point in the season. Check out this William Hill review for one great bookmaker, and check out the betting tips on the Bookmaker Ratings site. It’s great for providing you with the latest news, which can affect how the team will perform.

What May Hold Them Back

So, if you’re looking for reasons that may prevent Liverpool from going all the way, there are a couple and it comes down to the players. While there are a number of fabulous players on the team, there isn’t one big stand-out. This alone doesn’t have to be a big factor, but there’s also the fact there isn’t a big scoring player.

Typically, the teams that win the title have a player that has managed to score 20 goals or more in a season and really take them all the way. If you look back at the teams that have won in recent years, you’ll find that there was one big scorer each year.

It’s Anybody’s Guess

At this point in the season, Liverpool are playing strong and confidently, but we’ve also seen this before. It’s still up in the air as to whether or not they will be able to clinch the title. The key is to keep up the pace, the confidence, and determination and take it all the way to the end.

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