Date: 28th March 2017 at 2:30pm
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Liverpool have had an up-and-down season, starting off the season quite strongly but losing momentum along the way. The return of Sadio Mane hasn’t quite had the impact Liverpool supporters had hoped for.

It is imperative that Jurgen Klopp should go back to the drawing board. In the January transfer window, Liverpool were not keen on getting new players despite having the financial muscle. Klopp has made it clear to Liverpool fans that he is creating a formidable team but requires time. He argued that bringing in new players may not have a positive effect since the new players may not have time to adapt.

However, the top four is at stake for Liverpool and Klopp is not taking any chances to ensure that Liverpool have a chance at the coveted UEFA Champions League next year. There are rumours that he is looking to sign up some key players in the summer transfer window.

Demarai Gray

Klopp’s obsession with young talented players is at play once more. There are rumours that Liverpool are seeking to bring Demarai Gray to Anfield. Despite the fact that Gray has scored only one goal in eighteen Premier League appearances, it is impossible to miss his remarkable talent.

Gray has the rare combination of pace and great ball control. He can skilfully, and fast as lightning, dribble through the fiercest defenders. This combination makes Gray a jewel on high demand this summer.

However, Leicester City are not going to let go of him that easily, especially if they escape relegation. For Gray, moving to Anfield would be a major opportunity to hone his skills. For one, Liverpool is a team with more ball possession as compared to Leicester City.

In addition, the Foxes have relegated Gray to the bench denying him an opportunity to show off his skills. This is a morale killer for most budding stars like Gray. He might just be convinced it is time to move to greener pastures. Well, keep your fingers crossed and see how this plays out.

Kostas Manolas

Liverpool have conceded too many goals for comfort this season. It is therefore no wonder that Klopp is eyeing the Roma defender Kostas Manolas who has been in perfect form this season in Serie A.

This tough centre-back, who has made some daring tackles this season shuttering many hopeful strikers from finding the back of his Roma side, is what Liverpool need to stop the conceding spree they have witnessed this season. There are rumours that Chelsea and Manchester United are also eyeing Manolas, raising the stakes even higher for Klopp.

Liverpool fans should keep their fingers crossed and hold their breath; Manolas is exactly what Liverpool needs to fix their defensive woes. Furthermore, those looking to place bets on Skybet, which according to this Skybet brand review by, is one of the most popular betting sites for football, should keep an eye on this trade as it would make the Reds a lock next season.

Bobby Wood

Rumours have it that Klopp is keen to bring the American striker Bobby Wood to Anfield too. Klopp is offering £10 million for the 24-year-old Hamburg striker, a strong indication that Wood could be making his way to Anfield.

From these rumours, it is apparent that Klopp is ready to do all it takes to at least be among the top four – since clinching the Premier League appears to be out of the question. He appears to be revamping the spine of his team.

Targeting a centre back like Manolas is intended to ensure that there is no hole at the centre defence of the Liverpool team, something that has led to Liverpool conceding a little too many goals. Gray is targeted to increase the pace and pair with Wood on the flanks.

Klopp has remained faithful to his desire to have a youthful team. All the players he has targeted are young players. Klopp has consistently reminded his fans that he is developing a futuristic team to reckon with, and that will bring back the glory to Liverpool.

However, finding their way to the top four remains to be the immediate concern of The Reds this season.