Potential Liverpool move hits buffers for near future at least


Christian Pulisic – remember him? The young American star tearing things up in the Bundesliga for Dortmund has been mentioned as a target of the Reds for some time but it really does look unlikely now.

Indeed, we weren’t really expecting the young winger to join the Reds this summer, in fact we were busier checking out the top rating slots online after all the speculation died down and now it seems as though any move we make for him won’t be for some time.

Of course, in this game there is always a chance that could change but, speaking to NBC, Pulisic revealed that he has no plans to move from BVB at the moment:

“Right now, it [a move to the Premier League] is not something I am looking to get into immediately or anything like that. I am happy at Dortmund and I am excited for the rest of my career.”

This one, then, will have to be on the back-burner it seems with the Reds potentially of interest to him further down the line.

Thoughts, Reds? Let us know below!

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