Date: 11th October 2018 at 3:35pm
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Jamie Carragher shared that when he speaks to former Everton and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney the forward tells him the toughest game he ever had was at Anfield against Liverpool.

The former Reds defender was asked about whether opposition players have ever remarked to him about facing the Merseyside giants at their famous stadium and mentioned Rooney by name.

Carragher also added that several Chelsea players commented on playing at Anfield after their side’s 2005 clash with the Reds in Europe.

“Well, the Chelsea players did. When I speak to Wayne Rooney, he says ‘the toughest game I ever have is Anfield, Liverpool away,” Carragher told This Is Anfield in an in-depth interview with the respected site.

“It’s not just that. It’s also the way we play at home and make it difficult for teams. It feels like a tight pitch, Anfield. You feel like you can get after players, really make it uncomfortable for them.

“But clearly, the atmosphere, on top of people all the time, claiming for every decision, getting after referees and doing everything to get the result we want.”


Liverpool fans will love hearing that Rooney’s toughest game was against the Reds at Anfield after Carragher shared what the former England captain had told him about the famous ground. The 32-year-old forward, who now plays for D.C United, played for two of the Reds’ most fierce rivals, the Toffees and Man United, and for that reason probably aren’t that fond of the experienced attacker. Rooney is a well-known Everton fan and former captain of the Reds’ local rivals so it’s nice for fans to hear his toughest game came at Anfield. The 32-year-old has played many prestigious stadiums throughout his career and it’s a testament not only to the Reds’ team but to the atmosphere fans create at the ground. The only question mark Reds fans will have after this reveal is which game is Rooney referring to in particular? The forward has took to the turf at Anfield on multiple occasions so he could be referencing  anyone of his outings.