Date: 21st March 2019 at 6:30am
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Rio Ferdinand has suggested that he would rather see Manchester City win the league than Liverpool.

The former Manchester United defender has claimed that the prospect of seeing the Reds lift the Premier League title would be too painful.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “This is the worst possible case, scenario for someone that likes Man United, supports Man United and has played for Man United, and I’m a pundit that’s got to speak about it publicly and squirm and what not.

“So the better of the two evils is Manchester City winning the league as I’ve seen it, I’ve been part of it.

“There’s fans I didn’t even know supported Liverpool that have come back out of the woodwork after 20 years of being silent that are starting to speak before they’ve won anything so it’d be a lot more painful to see them win the league, but listen the best team will win it and whoever that is well done.”


This kind of thing must only rile Liverpool up to win the league title more. As if they needed more motivation to beat Manchester City to the trophy, knowing that it would infuriate Manchester United fans and a host of their ex-players. The rivalry between the two clubs is absolutely huge, and it will be eating away at the red half of Manchester knowing that either one of their two bitterest rivals are going to lift the trophy that was once indisputably theirs. The sweetness of lifting a title after 29 years can surely only be bettered by being able to silence the critics and opponents who have ridiculed you for going so long without one at the same time. If Jurgen Klopp needed any help motivating his squad, all he has to do is print out Ferdinand’s quotes and stick them on the dressing room wall for every body to see. Liverpool have to win this to shut up the doubters.