Date: 16th May 2019 at 5:30pm
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Gary Neville has delivered a tongue-in-cheek prediction for Liverpool’s Champions League final clash with Tottenham, suggesting that they “can’t lose”.

The Reds face Spurs in Madrid on June 1st, and Neville has been quick to poke fun at supporters who may be feeling optimistic ahead of the clash.

Posting on his personal Twitter account, when asked for his thoughts on their chances, he said: “Can’t lose it! They’ve got 6. All done.

“Spurs no chance! In the bag. 100-1 on!

“Party has already started. Congrats Jamie Carragher.”

In case there were any doubts over the sincerity of his claim, Jamie Carragher retort shortly after seemed to confirm that Neville was being sarcastic.

Posting on his personal Twitter account, the ex-Reds man said: “It’s you who thinks Spurs have no chance after calling them weak & soft at the start of the season, then had to back track when Harry went for you!

“Party started in this place 100’s of years ago.

“It’s called life, you should try it!”


This is classic Neville. If there’s one thing that the former Manchester United man loves, it’s getting a rise out of his bitterest rivals. If he gets a bite from Carragher, even better. Peel away the sarcasm, however, and he raises a pretty decent point. There does seem to be a pretty decent contingent, in both the media and the Reds’ fanbase who see this as a bit of a foregone conclusion. Perhaps that is understandable. After having beaten Spurs twice in the league this season, and given their imperious form of late, Liverpool are the team to beat. If this Champions League has taught us anything, however, it is that nothing can be taken for granted. In 90 minutes between two of the elite sides in Europe, anything can happen. Many supporters will recognise this, but for the few who are counting their chickens before they have hatched, they could end up with egg all over their face. Neville would love nothing more.