Date: 13th December 2019 at 12:52pm
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Nobody in the north west needs reminding of just how bitter the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is. 

For decades, these two titans of the English game have slogged it out for bragging rights between the two neighbouring cities, and the lasting effects of that has led to a tribalism unlike any other.

As such, it’s always pretty unusual, perhaps even special, to hear somebody associated with one club giving glowing praise to the other.

Consequently, it’s hard not to feel smug when it does happen, as it typically signifies a level of superiority that transcends traditional rivalries.

Bearing that in mind, Liverpool fans must be feeling pretty pleased with themselves after hearing Rio Ferdinand’s latest comments on their team.

Speaking on BT Sport, as quoted by the Mirror, the former United ace was quick to suggest that the Reds could well retain their Champions League title.

He said: “Liverpool just look the most complete team.

“They have got that mentality now. They were on the cusp of winning for a few years and they got over the line last season.

“They look like they are going to win the Premier League and they have that mentality that they aren’t going to lose. They know they are going to win.”

These are big words from Ferdinand, and his concession towards just how good the Reds is pleasing to hear.

That being said, it’s almost impossible to deny how good this Liverpool side are, and that’s where the real joy of the matter comes from.

This isn’t a kind, off the cuff comment from Ferdinand, this is the equivalent of a wrestler tapping out to a submission hold.

Through sheer dominance of the English and European footballing landscapes, the Kop are forcing their rivals to sing their praises.

You love to see it.