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Top Liverpool Captains You Must Know About

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Every football fan knows that there is no club like Liverpool FC in Premier League football. Formed in 1892, Liverpool is supposed to be number 7 in the list of most revenue generating teams in the world. And of course no one worth their salt would ever miss a Man U vs Liverpool match.

It’s sort of like watching an India vs Pakistan cricket match. There’s a lot of excitement and adrenaline and also a lot of betting going on. The fever is almost like walking into a casino or one of those many online casinos if you ask online casino experts. This is the kind of game that will almost always never disappoint you. Liverpool has had some legendary managers to coach their team as well as incredible players to captain their side. Here are a few legends of the game.

Ian Rush

Ian Rush was a legendary footballer who played forward attack for Liverpool in the 1990s. He was a captain for the team and like all great captains led Liverpool to many victories. The Premier League Cup win in 1995 was partly due to his captaincy. Ian retired young at the age of 38 by which time he had a career score of over 346 goals.

Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson’s contribution to the Liverpool team is considered invaluable. He was the captain for the team in 1979 and even trained Alan Hansen. Together, they made a formidable defence team that stood like a wall. Even though he was a fantastic player, by the time he turned 31, Phil had retired from the world of football.

Ron Yeats

Ron Yeats was the longest serving captain of the club and played 9 years with Liverpool from 1961 onward. His style of playing and his strong leadership set the benchmark for his successors. He attracted fans like a card game of andar bahar attracts many Indian players.

Sami Hyypia

Sami Hyppia was known to be one Liverpool’s greatest defenders. Unlike a lot of other players of his era, Sami was not known to be very flamboyant in his style of playing. He was always the subtle rock who never made any errors. He played with the club for 10 years and also served as a captain. His last game with the game was in 2004 and for his fans it was a very important moment as described in this article.

Don MacKinlay

Don MacKinlay was part of time in history football was a harsh game and not for the weak. Don MacKinlay became captain of Liverpool in 1921 and within his first season he led the club to its much deserved victory. He joined the club when he was 19 and played with them for over 18 years.

Other noteworthy captains in Liverpool’s history include Emlyn Hughes, Graeme Souness and Tommy Smith. Special mention should also go out to Jamie Carragher who may not have been an official captain but still stepped in and led the team in many matches.

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