Jurgen Klopp deserves huge credit for immense team bond

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I still have to pinch myself over the fact that we managed to win the Champions League and the Premier League in the space of 13 months. But there is more to it than the eyes can see.

It isn’t just what we have achieved during that timeframe that astounds me, but in the manner that we’ve done it.

I’m not going to sit here and say that we haven’t spent any money. Because we have. The summer of 2018 was a huge turning point for the club and what altered the course for our title challenge that season, in which we came up slightly short despite accumulating 97 points.

As a result of this, we opted not to bring in any big names which I thought at the time was a mistake. But finishing a staggering 18 points ahead of Manchester City just goes to show how much of a genius Jurgen Klopp really is.

The way that he goes about himself and what he has installed into this group of players is inspiring. I’ve thought about this after what Andy Robertson told the club’s official website yesterday.

Both the Scot and Trent Alexander-Arnold have never been shy to talk about the good-natured inner-squad rivalry that they have with each other regarding how many assists they both get. Robertson touched on this once more yesterday hoping that continues for the foreseeable future, and quite frankly, so do I.

These type of comments show how strong the team bond is at Liverpool. It also illustrates that all of his players have a particular mindset to go into battle and fight for the red shirt, something that lacked under Brendan Rodgers towards the end and especially Roy Hodgson.

We have come so far and it is only right that Klopp is now part of the Anfield fabric. The installation of a way of thinking, a mindset and a mentality when it comes to football, takes years to perfect.

Of course, it has taken Klopp that time to get right but the rewards have been mind-blowing. In doing this, for me, the German tactician has become one of the greatest managers that Liverpool have had in their history.

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