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Chances slim for Liverpool after van Dijk injury

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With the recent injury for Virgil van Dijk, it seems Liverpool chances of repeating the success of last season are very farfetched. After all, van Dijk was a key part of Liverpool’s first Premier League title in 30 years. If Liverpool can’t find a stable defence even after the blunder at Aston Villa, maybe the title is up for grabs this season? You never know but let’s find out.  

How will Liverpool win the Premier League in the 20/21 after van Dijks injury against Everton? Can they manage to re-clinch the title when one of their top players are out for the rest of the season? It might seem impossible, but as we all know in football, anything can happen.

Liverpool has been a top contender not only for the Premier League but also the Champions League and even Europa League at one point. Jürgen Klopp has brought a spirit to the team that we haven’t seen since the 80’s, which means that Liverpool probably won’t go through a season without at least some hopes for a title.

You’ll never walk alone

Being a Liverpool fan hasn’t been easy for the past 30 years. Still you’ve had some great moments so far. The UEFA Cup in 2001 with all the domestic cups, Istanbul in 2005 and of course the triumph in this year’s Premier League. But there’s also been some downs along the way. The signing of Andy Carroll, Steven Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea. The higher the highs, the lower the lows.

One thing you can be sure of is that football is a hard game to predict. Even though we might see some of the rich clubs get richer, and the best players follow that money, it is still possible to see genuine surprises in modern football. And thank God for that, if the same team won every time, it would be a hell of a boring game to watch. And betting would be pointless.

Bet for the best team

If you want to embrace the beautiful game in all its glory, then look at these great football predictions. You may place your bet at the seasons biggest surprises and seize the chance to win big. You never know if Leicester is going to pull it off again. If Manchester United are at the bottom, everything will turn out fine.

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And you can bet on your beloved Liverpool as well. The chances of winning the Premier League for a second time in a row might a hit a bit of a blow but that means the odds are up. Maybe this will be the biggest test of faith yet, because winning a championship is one thing, but defending the title is a completely different matter.

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