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Kieran Maguire claims Liverpool could be close to finding next TAA

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Finance guru and broadcaster Kieran Maguire has claimed that Liverpool could soon “have a few more Trents” after the addition of a full-time academy analyst at the club.

Liverpool has often boasted an impressive record of producing from their academy, with players such as Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and more all coming through the ranks at Liverpool to enjoy successful careers. This move aims to replicate the recent successes of the production of their current 23-year-old right back.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is widely seen as one of the best full-backs in the game and having come through Liverpool’s academy, has saved the Reds untold amounts in the market.

As reported by iNews last Thursday (26 May), Liverpool’s head of data and analytics Ian Graham is set to get his wish of the appointment, in a move that aims to promote even more readymade talent to Klopp’s squad.

Talking to Football Insider, Maguire explains how if Liverpool can apply their current analytical principles from the first team to their academy, they can quickly reap the rewards:

“Liverpool would love to have a few more Trents come through the ranks.

“They have one or two others who are knocking on the door. Every academy player of a high calibre who comes through the ranks is saving you £50m in the transfer market. 

“This model of recruitment makes a lot of sense. The cost of hiring someone is going to be very modest but the return could be very, very high.”

Recently, Jurgen Klopp claimed: “I don’t know any player that plays like Trent in the world” after the right-back had suffered an injury.

The Reds manager has been vocal about his admiration for the England international for some time now, and he now stands as the exemplar for future academy graduates looking to break into this Liverpool first team.

Our thoughts on Maguire’s comments…

Since first bursting onto the scene in 2016, Alexander-Arnold has taken the footballing world by storm. At the tender age of just 23, he already boasts nearly a full set of trophies, with his performances integral to each acquisition.

His contributions are integral to how Liverpool function, with the full-back producing double figures for assists in three of his last four seasons. His ranking, in the 99th percentile for several categories per 90 compared to defenders, such as assists, expected assists, shot-creating actions and passes attempted, all paint the picture of the quintessential modern full-back who cost the Reds nothing.

If Liverpool can even slightly increase their chances of producing another player of his quality from their academy, saving the owners – FSG – potentially hundreds of millions of pounds, then it makes complete financial sense.

Now rated at £72m on Transfermarkt, it just shows just how investing in your academy can prove just as important as investing in the transfer market.

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