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Liverpool: Chris Sutton praises James Milner after Ronaldo revelation

Image for Liverpool: Chris Sutton praises James Milner after Ronaldo revelation

Chris Sutton has praised Liverpool’s James Milner following an interview where Manchester United veteran Cristiano Ronaldo criticised his manager and club.

A comparison was drawn between the two given they are aged 36 and 37, two of the oldest players in the Premier League, and Milner was singled out as a model professional following Ronaldo’s scathing criticism.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club, the former Chelsea striker claimed Milner, rather than Ronaldo, was a player to look up to as a role model in the way he conducts himself.

“The difference with Ronaldo and James Milner… James Milner is a team player. It’s all about the team. He is selfless. There isn’t any ego there,” Sutton claimed.

Academy thoughts on Milner and Ronaldo…

Whilst there is a stark difference in ability and accomplishments between the Englishman and the five-time Ballon D’or winner, Sutton is correct that Milner is more of a team player.

Ronaldo’s ego has caused nightmares off the pitch for Erik ten Hag at United, with the Portugal superstar being dropped after leaving the ground early during their win over Tottenham, and his latest interview will have angered many at the club.

The £120k-per-week stalwart, meanwhile, is still proving to be a versatile and useful asset despite his age and is as selfless as they come, playing in any position Jurgen Klopp needs him in whilst being professional off the pitch and in training.

“{Milner) is incredibly important for us. People talk about the dressing room [influence] and yes, he is really helpful there,” Klopp told reporters in March 2022.

“It’s difficult to be fitter than Milly (Milner) and he’s a role model.

“He sets the standards in a way a lot of people can set standards. Educated all of us.”

With 308 Liverpool appearances and every possible trophy under his belt, Milner is sure to go down in Liverpool history as a club hero when he eventually hangs up his boots.

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