David Tyrer (Editor) – I’ve written for for many years now, serving as editor since February 2014. A life-long Red, supporting Liverpool is more of a vocation than anything else, so being able to write about my team and give others the opportunity to do so is a great privilege. My favourite Liverpool player is Sami Hyypia (and John Barnes) but one or two of the current crop may well run them close in years to come! I hope that my tenure as editor coincides with a great period in the club’s history, so please feel free to get in touch.

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Josh Atkins (Writer)

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Tim Williams (Writer) – I am a 30 year old Liverpool fan from Shropshire, now finding myself in Leeds. Lifelong red, in fact the only other bird to come close to getting the same love is my wife. The greatest player I have seen in a red shirt is John Barnes, my hero.! Met him and he is awesome! Greatest experience at Anfield came when Stan Collymore got our 4th of the night as we finally saw off Newcastle. Dont get to games as much as I used to because I have a family now, and teaching them the Liverpool Way is a full time occupation. In my spare non-liverpool time I work for the UK Border Agency, until the day I am plucked from obscurity to wear the number 10 shirt (or at least write about Liverpool!). I am the founder of the phenomenom I call Kopitis, which basically is a negative positive view of Liverpool. Before any game I believe that we will struggle, no matter which opposition (even a sunday league side), but during the game I have an inbuilt belief we will win, and following it I have insurmountable defensive stance where I will be profundly positive and seek the best points of any performance (even if we lost 20-0). Liverpool isnt just a football team, it is a family, a family I am proud to be a member of. YNWA’.

Gabriel Darshan (Writer) – aka TaintlessRed. I am a lifelong Liverpool fan who has followed the Reds from near (e.g. living in Kirkby) and far (e.g. living in Johannesburg), though am again living back home in the UK. I’ve watched football in stadia all around the world, from the Maracana to the Camp Nou, though Anfield will of course always be the greatest! I enjoy healthy football debate, preferring reasoned analysis based on sound evidence over gossip. I also write a blog at on all things Liverpool FC and you can follow me on twitter @taintlessred