Stuart Taylor


Stuart Taylor’s career started brightly, he was signed by Arsenal in 1997 and was touted as the long-term replacement to David Seaman. The towering goalkeeper initially thought he was merely waiting for Seaman to retire before he got his chance but as the years went by his status as nothing more than a bench-warmer became evident. In his eight years at Arsenal he made less than twenty appearances but he rarely, if ever, complained. Since then he spent four years at Villa where he made only twelve appearances and in 2009 he landed himself a comfortable contract at Man City where he has made just one appearance in two years. He did meekly remark in the summer that some game time would be nice, but to be honest you would expect a player whose top-flight career has consisted of only thirty-one appearances since 1997 would be slightly keener for a move to somewhere where he could play.

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