Assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Charlie Adam

This is certainly something the Reds have been missing since Alonso departed but there must be a word of caution about Adam. One thing that Adam likes more than anything else is time on the ball; if he has time on the ball he can pick out any player on the park but if the opposition press him he can make mistakes and if he loses the ball he is prone to rash challenges to retrieve possession. Putting him in an anchor role in midfield as a deep-lying playmaker would be unwise.

For this reason, it is imperative the Reds play with a 3 man central midfield with Lucas holding and either Henderson or Gerrard playing alongside Adam in a more offensive position. More numbers will mean less defensive coverage, something which Adam can exploit to interact with Gerrard and the rest of the team on the ball.

Adam is by no means the quickest but he is strong on the ball, and can hold up the ball, turn his man and look to set up quick counter-attacks. One concern for some fans is that his pass completion rate looks pretty low (at 67%) compared to others in the Premier League. Bear in mind two things when you see this stat though, as a set piece taker, it will inevitably lower his percentage, and add to the fact Adam always looks to put killer balls into dangerous areas. He looks for high risks passes rather than simple short ones, which will again lower his success rate.

One key area where Liverpool will benefit with the signing of Charlie Adam though is his set pieces. Especially from the right hand side at both corners and free kicks, with his in swinging delivery, he can cause all sorts of problems which hopefully the likes of Andy Carroll can capitalise on. Direct free kicks are also a notable strength of his. All in all then, I feel there are certainly more pros and cons to Adam signing for us.

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