Date: 23rd December 2011 at 5:00pm
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Dear Fernando,

You were a great player for a great club.  The fans adored you; backed you at every single turn, supported you even when you were entering in to that whining, moaning, and pulling-sad-faces-at-the-ref stage of your career.  We were even there for you right up until the last minute.  Then you decided you wanted to move to Chelsea and initially, we were all incredibly confused.

This was a little bit too much for us all to get our tiny minds around.  We were feeling ever more comfortable that you weren’t going anywhere, after rumours had been quashed and you repeatedly declared your love for us and our club, you left.  And almost simultaneously, we ‘replaced’ you with Andy Carroll.  Put yourself in our shoes: would you find that easy to take?  Imagine if your wife spent years reminding you she loved you, that you were the only one for her; that she was a little disappointed with how things had been of late but that she would stand by you and help bring in better times for you both.  Then you wake up one day and she’s buggered off with the rich bloke down the road.  Now, my analogy may be slightly off but you get what I’m saying: how would you feel?

So, to see you repeat in the press yesterday that ‘The Liverpool fans don’t know the truth about why I signed for Chelsea’ is only going to rub further salt in the wound and irk us even more.  You’re right: we don’t know why you signed for Chelsea but you appear to think you had a good reason.  While we may be able to understand why, at that time, you wanted to leave if you felt that certain promises had been broken and that you weren’t getting 100% support from the club.  The one thing that none of us can really understand is, why Chelsea? 

A club we must’ve played near enough 15 times while you were with us; a club whose bane you were, a club that we had developed an intense and very recent rivalry with since 2005 because, even after having a terrible season by your own standards, you were still in high demand.  Breaking the British transfer record is testament enough to that.  But you had your pick of where to go: Barcelona, Real Madrid, probably any of the big Italian clubs.  Hell, if you were that desperate to get out I’m sure we could even have arranged a loan to Tranmere until the summer, when you could’ve chosen pretty much any club you wanted.

I suppose what I’m saying is, while most Reds could probably come to terms with why you might want to leave, if you’d gone about it in a way that showed some class, if you hadn’t left it until the very last minute (therefore giving us more time to find a suitable replacement) and if you hadn’t chosen Chelsea, we wouldn’t feel such a degree of animosity toward you and assume that you left for nothing other than a fatter wage packet each month.  Nor would we feel such devilish glee when you continue to fail down there.

So, Fernando, if you feel that there is some information we’re missing, or that you know something which we are unaware of that may enlighten us to the point that we’d forgive you on the spot then please, tell us?  Because releasing the exact same statement at 1 month intervals doesn’t change a thing.

Or shall we just wait and pick up your autobiography?

Best Wishes,

Still Disgruntled Red

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