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Agree With Aldo? Is the FA Cup Quarter-final Bigger Than Tonight’s Derby?

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LIVERPOOL striking legend John Aldridge believes the coming FA Cup quarter-final versus Stoke City over the weekend is bigger than tonight’s Merseyside derby.

Writing in his latest article for the Daily Post, Aldridge reasoned that, with the defeat at Sunderland on Saturday, finishing fourth in the league is now out of reach; therefore a successful season now rests on victory in the FA Cup.

Aldo writes: ‘Normally the derby is the most important match of any week in Liverpool’s calendar.

We are as eager as ever to beat Everton but defeat to Sunderland now means the rest of our season hinges on the FA Cup.

Finishing fourth is out of reach so Liverpool are realistically going to end up fifth, sixth or seventh in the table.

A place in the Europa League has already been secured so the only thing left for the team to really go for is the FA Cup and a return to Wembley’.

The Liverpool legend also goes on to state that Liverpool’s form in the league since Christmas is ‘relegation material’, but rightfully points out that league form tends to go out the window when it comes to Merseyside derbies.

So, do you agree with Aldo? Is this derby now second-fiddle to the weekend’s FA Cup quarter-final clash? Would you prefer to progress in the FA Cup at the possible expense of winning tonight’s derby?

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  • Bomber25 says:

    Aldridge is right. The coming FA Cup with Stoke is a much important game than tonight’s one. I hope we get the maximum points from tonight’s match. YNWA.

  • rowan says:

    its all irrelevant as we will neither win the FA cup or get 4th. KD is out of his depth and should have stayed at home watching sky sports or playing golf. Get a real manager in asap.

    • Bob says:

      Plastic fan.

    • Jay says:

      holy green muppet!
      “we will neither win the FA cup or get 4th. ”
      Really! what fickle crystal ball do you use?
      why so negative?

      • bini says:

        If u r really a fan, u have to think the negatives b/c the team is managed the other way.

    • bini says:

      I think u r right. KK is not the manager LFC need at this time. Look at his records after he spent 100mil pounds. These results r unacceptable. He can’t win a game from a goal down. Many local LFC fans love him, but fans from all over the world doesn’t like him.
      Come on LFC pls get someone like Rafa. YNWA

  • Prince says:

    It is important just as good as the weekend one against Stoke. We can’t afford to loose the derby. It will be a big blow psycologicaly for the next game.

  • L says:

    FA cup is important and tonights game is equally important. All games are important it is our bread and butter.

  • ali says:

    all games are important ,,, we beated everton cause we played like we want win ,,,,we dont do that as often we should ,,, thats so sad…

    If we sell Saurez we are dead

  • NJRedsFan says:

    Hoping the derby performance will be the lift needed to be competative in every game for the rest of the season. They have shown us how they can play, now it’s up to the players to provide that same level of tenacity, aggression, and precision everytime they set foot on the pitch. Stevie has thrown down the gauntlet, the rest ot the squad MUST respond.

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