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New LFC Kit To Be Officially Revealed Tonight – Is This It?

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THE launch of Liverpool FC’s much anticipated brand new home kit for next season is to excitingly be revealed tonight at midnight (GMT).

It will finally end months of speculation and the many mock-up designs and supposed ‘leaked’ images of what the new strip will look like – one of which, that is thought to be very close to the new design, is pictured here – what do you think?

The new kit is probably one of the most eagerly awaited in the club’s history ever since the deal with relatively unknown American sportswear giant Warrior was announced, who will be taking over from Adidas.

Strongest rumour about the new design is that Warrior are going to ‘free the Liverbird’ on the badge, giving it a more retro feel.

Well all will be revealed later tonight so head back to www.live4liverpool.com just after midnight for the official details!

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  • Bekim says:

    Love it. Looks cool.

  • lfcbali says:

    goodluck for new kit! 🙂

  • DaveLFC says:

    Looks good, although I dont think they will get away with leaving out the Hillsborough Flames.

    • Jonski says:

      Dave. I think they are keeping the Hillsborough flame on the kit just separate from the club badge.

      • Chris says:

        The 96 and flames are within the collar mate… they’ve not been forgotten… and never will

  • Zahid says:

    This was 1 of the first mock up’s someone made when Warrior was announced as our new kit maker a year ago.

    The Hillsborough flame will be on the back of the collar above name and number of the player, that’s if this is the actual shirt.

  • Callaghan says:

    I’m hoping that’s it, too. Very stylish indeed!

  • DaveLFC says:

    Oh Yea my apologies I saw them after I submitted the comment.

    But as i said it looks good if this is it. Looking forward to midnight for the unveiling.

  • SAM CHARLES says:

    im not buying it until the owners – FSG start bringing in and adding 3- 4 better quality players.

    Every year its the same, we all dream of quality, and know im not talking about spending man city cash or real money, but some great young talent that has proven it would be good!.

    If the new owners cant spend around 55 – 60 mill with the help of some player sales, the face it why should we buy the shirts each year?

    If we do not add at leat even 2- 3 class proven quality players, whats the point of fooling around and thinking we have a chance next year.

    We can all see we need a proven hitman, a wideman, and a beat in the center to add steal and power, and thats just the start.

    Its time to pay out of lose out, its that clear really!

  • NJRedsFan says:

    So Sam Charles, it’s all the owners fault? They spent a boatload of cash to buy the Club and pay down huge debts then gave the Club another large pile to spend on players. Yeah, sounds like the guys who should made to pay for their actions! Let’s all scupper a new team relationship with the new owners and new kit suppliers who are working and helping to bring our Club back from the brink! That’s just a great idea, pinhead.

  • Joshua says:

    That shirt would look awesome on Adam Johnson. If City let him go for 10 or 12 million, we must pounce. He would play excellently in our squad.

  • J says:

    Complete BS!!!!!!! The standard logo needs changing.
    Im pretty sure Warrior wouldnt make a kit look that simple. Nice Photoshoping though.

  • RedRoy says:

    Not sure about the yellow, think white would go better.

  • Edwin madden says:

    Wow if it’s the new kit I’ll be thery happy

  • CL says:

    nope. thumbs down for me. plain shirt with collar and iron-ons. looks like a cheap shirt bought from the Thailand street markets. warrior must be joking.

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