Date: 12th February 2013 at 9:05am
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THIS defeat against West Brom is a clear signal, in my mind, that Liverpool FC players just don’t know what they’re doing.

Some days it comes together against the big teams, only long enough to score a few goals until the concentration saps and then the opposition’s welcomed back in to the game.

This time against the Baggies, there’s nothing much left to say other than it’s hardly surprising.

As usual, the team was expected to win here, so they might have gone in to the game slightly more relaxed – especially after the pressure cooker feeling they must have felt when preparing to face Arsenal and Manchester City away from home.

Is that an excuse? I hope not.

For a club of Liverpool’s stature, it doesn’t seem like the current players (barring a few) really feel the pride or adrenaline to represent what once was a feared side across Europe. Blame Brendan Rodgers all you like, it’s the players who are not delivering.

Even if he is sacked at the end of this season (or even sooner), who’s going to come in? What are they going to do? Shout at the players? Reveal the magic formula of passing correctly and retaining possession? Many will say it’s his sub-standard signings and mid-level club mentality, that’s to blame. I’m sure he didn’t tell his players to go out at Anfield and play West Bromich Albion for a draw.

The one thing quite noticeable about most Liverpool performances is the amount of fidgeting by most of the players after they’ve got the ball.

Modern day football, especially in the Premiership has seen this trend of running with the ball while receiving a pass – gives you a bit of a head start on your marker in terms of momentum as well as keeps the play moving.

Every time a Liverpool player gets the ball, they take two-three, even four touches before even moving in any particular direction.

Plus they never go for the short diagonal balls to a team-mate ahead of them, when they’re in a tight situation. It’s always either passed back to the keeper, or hit across the pitch, but still to someone just a few yards of the penalty area.

Other teams, keep playing it forward, their team-mates move about to stretch the defence, and midfielders make runs in to the box for scoring opportunities.

Liverpool, somehow on the pitch, hardly ever seem to do it. Against Manchester City, it was done, and barring a mistake from Pepe Reina, it would’ve been a famous win against the champions.

That one’s in the past. The latest hell to be dealt with is a home loss against West Brom.

Carry on boys. At this rate, we may never walk alone, but those walking with us will be relegation-threatened and newly promoted sides.

Not the top sides, which we once were.

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