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Update: Advantage Reds in winger pursuit?

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diego-capelLIVERPOOL have received a boost in their pursuit of Diego Capel, according to talkSPORT.

The Reds were set to fight Atletico Madrid for the winger, but the Copa Del Rey winners have played down talk of a move for the Sporting Lisbon winger.

The Spain international has been linked with a move out of the Portuguese capital, with the club in need of some money to help their financial troubles. Capel, who could replace Downing at Anfield, could cost anything from £5million, with Lisbon wanting £8million.

Reds boss Brendan Rodgers is eager to bring in new faces to the club this summer, and has also been linked with Luis Alberto, Christian Atsu and Iago Aspas. But the Norther Irishman is reportedly keen on Capel, who turned 25 in February.

And he now faces less competition to land the 25-year-old after Atletico president Enrique Cerezo all but ruled out a bid for the former Sevilla man.

When asked about his side’s interest in Capel, he told A Bola: “I personally do not think so, we are interested in other players.”

Liverpool will want to complete any deal for the winger ahead of their pre-season tour of Australia and Asia. The Reds will return to face Stoke at Anfield in their first Premier League game of the season.
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  • Geoff says:

    Who cares ? Capel is not top class

  • Rai Reds says:

    Buying average $5M unproven players not gonna get us Champions league spot

  • wes says:

    do you above idiots believe every thing you read? morons

  • muntasir says:

    investing in fresh talents is not a mistake.liverpool dont want temporary success by spending millions on one player.the players that are not famous now might become superstars in the futuure.players like bale,messi ,raul ,gerrard,etc all started as youngsters and later became the players that they are.

    • Brigadier says:

      LOL, ‘Liverpool dont want temporary success’!
      So are they planning to be successful in 3 or 4 years from now? FSG have already been in charge for 2 and a half years. Yeah theyve got a cunning plan!

  • bright says:

    pls sign ths players on time

  • ROMANUS says:

    Pls, moving around search for just winger how about DM if Lucas his Injured who with replaces him, me &you only no that Joe Allen, Jojoe can not do it, in DM line. The only person that replace Lucas his Spering

  • aaron says:

    Why are we so bloody negative, every player we are linked to if they aint a world class or just known, us lfc fans start complaining,
    Let Brendan do what he’s doing, he can’t get any worse than Kenny signings
    Just shut up and hope that Brendan knows what he’s doing and if it turns out he doesn’t, well then u can start complaining again

  • Denis D says:

    Any clown / idiot on here who says or thinks D Capel is crap or rubbish, does not know anything about football? D Capel is better than any winger we currently have at club by a country mile.

    Capel is direct pacey quick skillfull left footed and has good delivery and is awesome one vs one with full back. He is 25. And Rodgers could bring him to the club for £4-£7M

    I am hoping the Suarez Saga is sorted out, hopefully Suarez shuts up permanetly now and starts showing the club, the manager and us fans some more loyalty and respect than he has recently. Hasn’t he heard the saying, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you?

    The owners and Rodgers need to stand firm and should not sell Suarez for no less than £65M, Real Madrid’s first offer to Tottenham for Bale was over £65M, Now they are willing to pay £80M plus for him. Whereas Suarez is a better player than Bale and proved it consistantly through whole of last season, only Suarez’s character is what lets him down.

    If any team wants Suarez, he should be sold for no less than £65M, If Neymar cost £61M and Real Madrid are ready to offer £80, plus for Bale, Suarez is currently the third best player in the world on current form and should be sold for no less than £65M.

    And with that £65M, These five attacking players should be brought in :
    1: AM: I Munian(19) Of A Bilbao for £10-£14M to compete with Alberto, Coutinho and Suso

    2: RW / RWF: C Tello(21) Of Barcelona for £8-£10 Or J Montero(23) Of Monarcas Morelia in Mexico for £4-£7M to compete with Sterling.

    3: LW / LWF: D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal / Lisbon for £4-£7M to compete with IBE

    4: FD: C Benteke(21) Of A Villa for £18-£22M to compete with Aspas and Sturridge

    5:FD: L Muriel(23) Of Udinese for £10-£14M to compete with Aspas,Sturridge andopefully Benteke

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