Date: 4th June 2013 at 9:27pm
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LFC SuarezSO, Luis Suarez is reported to have said ‘it’s a good time for him to go’. He’s complained about a feeling of persecution by the British press and he’s not the first.

Many players, managers and celebrities outside of football have noted the unacceptable intrusive nature of British paparazzi. How do you feel about Suarez leaving English football?

This season’s Champions League has suggested the English Premier League is on the decline and German football on the way up.

The investment in French football (well two teams) also suggests an upturn in the quality of the French league.

Bale, Rooney and Suarez potentially leaving the EPL in one summer would be a huge body blow for the league, not just the clubs they play for. All three have been linked with big money moves abroad as well as emerging Premiership lights such as Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke. The weather is usually better abroad but now the money seems better (no tax in Spain and lashings of oil money in France) and the quality of football seems to be catching up too!

Is it’s all a smoke screen? Admittedly Suarez doesn’t play for a Champions League team. LFC didn’t even challenge for 4th let alone 1st! Is Suarez behaving like Veruca Salt or is he just doing the best for his family? He has always forced his move away from clubs and he has a history of being in trouble so nothing here should surprise LFC management or fans. When he has wanted to go in the past he has gotten his way, and when he wants to go, he wants to go now!

Suarez wasn’t born in the Dingle, Liverpool; he was born around 7000 miles away. In my opinion he doesn’t really owe us much. He’s paid well and played well. He did make errors for which he was fined. Yes, the fans and club stood by their player, he’s their investment and it would be crazy not to.

It could be argued he owes us more loyalty and shouldn’t talk of wanting to leave. In my opinion he is entitled to want to leave but not to strike or sulk on the pitch. If he continues to give 100% (once his ban is over, if he’s still here) then he can want whatever he wants. If we receive an offer comparable to the £80m Ronaldo was sold for or the £80m Bale is reportedly worth then he goes with my blessing.

I’m not saying he’s worth £80m, I’m saying he has sold more newspapers than any other player in the last year and he would have been top scorer in the EPL had he not had a nibble on a tasty defender.

If we sold Suarez for £50m plus a very decent young player with promise then that would be fine by me. Otherwise £60m will do nicely.

Torres and Suarez were/are unplayable when at their best. When Torres was sold we survived. If Suarez goes we will survive and some say even improve. It will give us some cash to really see if the new scouting network at Liverpool FC is as good as the last two signings suggest.

Suarez is a man dogged with controversy; in my opinion it will only be a few months before he’ll make a new error. If he stays there will be trouble. The question for me is, should he go will there be double? I doubt it.

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