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Suarez_2856269Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool have thus far impressed in the Premier League. The Reds currently occupy fourth place, a position they will want to cling onto until the end of the season. Champions League football has been missing at Anfield since the 2009-10 season, and Europa League football does not satisfy the ravenous Liverpool faithful. While last season Rodgers was just tasked with rebuilding the ailing side, this season fourth place is a given; without Champions League football the wheels to the Liverpool express train may just fall off.

Champions League football is of paramount importance for numerous reasons, none more so than to satisfy the demands of star forward Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan talisman wanted out of Merseyside this summer but Liverpool held firm and kept their man, and they are now reaping the rewards. Suarez came back with a vengeance following his five match ban at the start of the season, he currently has bags of goals to his name, making bookmakers Titan Bet instil the forward as their overwhelming favourite in the football odds to finish the season as top scorer.

Suarez wants Champions League football, in fact he deserves it, and he wants to play in the Champions League with Liverpool. However, if Liverpool finish outside the European places again, can you really expect Suarez to stay? It would be impossible for him to ignore the overtures of Real Madrid, and it would be utopian to believe that he would, or that Liverpool would prevent that. If Liverpool finish outside the top four they will ultimately lose Suarez. That is the equivalent of cutting off your left leg, hindering the club considerably.

Liverpool fans are proud folk, and they have a lot to be proud about. They are the most successful English club in Europe and the second most successful domestically, after being usurped by Manchester United in recent years. And while the fans will be delighted that they could again play witness to European football, they have an insatiable desire for domestic glory. Rodgers is taking tentative steps towards that goal, and a fourth place finish this season can help lay the cornerstone to further league success. With Champions League football, Rodgers will be able to attract bigger profile players to Anfield. Last summer the club missed out on Willian and Henrikh Mkhitaryan to Champions League competitors. If you’re having a look at the latest free bets offers, Titan bet have Liverpool as fourth favourites for a top-four place in the football betting markets and with it being a World Cup year, that Champions League spot will allow Rodgers to snap up some of the stars of the competition. Champions League football is effectively the next step on the Rodgers road to recovery.

The financial rewards of Champions League football will also boost the coiffeurs of the club. Not only are they in a competition that attracts top quality players, they will also have the financial clout to sign top players. Liverpool wouldn’t think twice about going on a £60million spending spree next summer if they are in the Champions League.

If Liverpool are going to return to the upper echelons of European and domestic football, then it is vital they finish fourth this season.

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  • Johnson says:

    Fine job

  • KPac says:

    “Liverpool wouldn’t think twice about going on a £60million spending spree next summer if they are in the Champions League” – are you having a laugh?

    If we make the champions league, do you really think FSG will spend that sort of money on players? They will end up buying 3/4 average young players (with “potential”) at 8 – 10 million each (who are happy with average wages and to be at a “big club”) and we’ll be out of europe and 8th in the league at Christmas. They know it, we know it.

    To FSG, Champions league TV revenue and associated increased sponsorship revenue would be a nice by product but it is clearly not their aim. The premiership TV rights are getting bigger and bigger, so by treading water in the Premiership they will do well financially regardless of Champions league football.

    BTW – 4th? lets be honest, probably not.

    FSG – evil genius! Look how John Henry made his originally money – trend following (wikipedia it for the dummies guide)

    LFC – the Ultimate Cash Cow.

  • Aaron says:

    Would the last BR hater please turn the light off on your way out!!

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