Lovren Forcing His Move to Liverpool

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Dejan LovrenPerhaps letting the news that you want to leave your club on the day your country plays it’s first game at the World Cup wasn’t the smoothest thing Dejan Lovren has ever done but at least, unlike Southampton’s Adam Lallana, he has committed to the fact that he wants to leave and has allowed his club the chance to start to move on other targets.

For Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool however, it now means that one of the club’s supposed summer targets is now available and for probably not a great deal more than he cost his club last summer.

When Lovren was first mentioned many Reds didn’t seem too keen on the idea, seeing him as being not too much of an improvement on what we already have but the big Croat had a stellar 12 months with Southampton last season and, yes he may be a physical player, but a central defender who is anything but won’t get very far in the Premier League.

And if you’re not convinced, just go and watch his display against Brazil last night and you’ll be given an example of how a top international defender defends against one of the world’s top strikers.

With one of Liverpool’s centre backs likely to be moving on this summer, a replacement is surely being lined up and if that man turns out to be Dejan Lovren, I don’t think there’ll be too much to grumble about.

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  • Saint Andy says:

    Well if you really want a player who’s showed such bad grace and lack of loyalty to the Saints, you are welcome to him. And he was very niaive in putting his arms all over Fred last night, giving him every excuse to tumble like a sack of…….

    • Eoin says:

      What are you on about? How is requesting a transfer lack of loyalty? He’s entitled to seek to move to a bigger club, and requesting a transfer early in the window allows the club to seek a suitable replacement should they decide to accede to his wishes and sell him. They are under no obligation to do so, and can enforce his contract. If someone offerd you a better job, would you consider it? Yes, you would if you had any sense. Why do you expect footballers to operate to a higher moral standard (not to mention idiotic standard) than the rest of us? As for putting his hands all over Fred – did you actually watch the match? He barely touched him. If penalties were given for that level of contact in the P.L. there would be twenty or so in every match.

  • k says:

    dont waste the money..


    LOVREN – add to replace shako …………………………20 for 5 years
    SHAQIRI – dont think about Lallana………………………18 are deal
    MORENO – LB………………………………………………..18 million so good
    EMRE – He can play to fight with lucas………………12 million are right price
    LAMBERT – Option for suarez or sturridge………………..4 million are done
    TELLO – 4-3-3 and 442 concept – cover for sterling.. 8 million are great

    out : reina ( 5 ) borini ( 10 ) assaidi ( 4 ) Susso ( 5 ) Yesil ( 2 ) Agger ( 12 ) good deal

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