Date: 22nd November 2019 at 2:30pm
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Mark Goldbridge ranked Liverpool attacker Roberto Firmino a level below being world class when analysing every Premier League club’s first-choice striker.

The YouTuber, who hosts the United Show which is a channel with 581,000 subscribers, shared a picture of every first-choice Premier League striker ranked with Firmino in the category of ‘He’s good but is he good?’.

Goldbridge revealed Firmino should be ranked higher and should be in the ‘Good’ category instead of Bournemouth attacker Callum Wilson, which means the Reds forward would be one level below being ranked as world class by the Youtuber.

“Premier League striker ranking and Martial not even there….swap Firmino for Wilson and drop Rashy down a level for Tony,” wrote Goldbridge via his personal Twitter account.


Goldbridge is a big Manchester United fan, hence why he hosts the United Stand on YouTube, so for him to argue that Liverpool attacker Roberto Firmino should be considered among the Premier League’s best strikers, it’s telling. After all, no United fan enjoys raving about a Liverpool player just like no Reds supporter would enjoy gushing about any Man United players. However, Goldbridge doesn’t consider Firmino as being on the same level as Jamie Vardy, Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and it’s easy to see why this is the case. Goldbridge obviously ranks Firmino a level below, due to him not being among the most prolific strikers in the league. The Brazilian has only scored three goals across all competitions this season,  which means he has averaged a goal every 334 minutes (Source: BBC). To put that in perspective,  Vardy has averaged a goal every 98 minutes this season, as per BBC Sport, and Kane has averaged a goal every 135 minutes (Source: BBC Sport). So with that in mind, while Firmino is much more than just a goalscorer, unlike some of his Premier League rivals, it’s understandable while Goldbridge doesn’t class Firmino as being a “world class” Premier League striker.