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Exciting forward arrives for medical at Melwood

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LFC targetACCORDING to various media outlets, including the Daily Mail, Sevilla youngster, Luis Alberto, will arrive on Merseyside today.

Alberto, who scored 11 goals and created 17 more for his team-mates whilst on loan at Barcelona B last season, has already agreed terms on a four year deal, and will undergo a medical at Melwood today before completing his switch from the La Liga outfit.

A remarkably talented youngster, Alberto was first tracked by Liverpool during Rafa Benitez’s time in charge. Now, four years on from the Spaniard’s unceremonious removal, the Reds have sealed a deal to land the attacking midfielder for fee believed to be around £6.8m.

The player himself is excited by the move. After cutting his holiday short to return for his medical, Alberto told reporters:

”I am excited, I go to a club like Liverpool, a new culture, a new language, I have to adapt quickly. But I’m really looking forward to this great step.

“There are many Spaniards in England doing quite well. Seeing they are succeeding there, excites me.”

With the medical to be completed today, it seems likely that Luis Alberto will be officially unveiled this evening or tomorrow. He will become Brendan Rodgers’s third signing of the summer, after Kolo Toure and Iago Aspas.

He’s unlikely to be the last however, as the Reds look close to completing deals for Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Tiago Ilori as well as having confirmed interest in a number of other targets.

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  • abrondo says:

    yes sir!!

  • Ayodele ekundayo says:

    i think liverpoolfc manager brendan rodgers should sign mkhitaryan and lewandowsky or jackson martinez in case suarez leave the club.YNWA

  • Ayodele ekundayo says:

    hope defer make the heart sick.proverb 13 vs 12.we’ve been waiting for a good atacking midfielder henrikh mkhitaryan.YNWA

  • Wilson Matilda says:

    Welcome aboard mate

  • hismail alabi olaoluwa says:

    well job by br, but please try as much as possible get us mkhitayan by all means

  • kasi says:

    force in the henrikh transfer pliz.if arsenal can afford higuin what about lfc?.

    • jack says:

      Whoever Arsenal (or any other club for the matter) sign is nothing compared with the moron who acquired a donkey for £35m.

  • red says:

    B team striker. Is he going to join LFC reserve ???

    • jack says:

      Nay. Liverpool’s first team players are in no way better than any member of the Barcelona B squad. With the likes of Henderson, Downing, Skrtel, Enrique, Lucas, Sterling, Shelvey, just to new a few, Liverpool cannot be any more MEDIOCRE!

  • Birikorang Enoch says:

    Welcome to my dearest club n pls bring in mkhitaryan,papadoupolous,illori,diame or wanyama for def-mid and benteke or j.martinez for striking force in case suarez.

    • george says:

      OK, Birikorang Enoch. Considered it done, but on condition that you spread your legs wide open for me.

  • michael hr nigeria says:

    please BR u have done really well on his first full season but more is needed,
    just bring in diame and mkhitaryan H then u are sure of making the top 3 nxt season

  • Wolex says:

    MkhitaRyan is the best in d world, we want him now,settle every parts conflict that stand as a hundle against signing him, let him in for medical today we cant wait anymore.

  • Clyde says:

    Welcome to anfield

  • sanj says:

    Well Done, welcome to Anfield…..
    But for the time being can we drop the whole “exciting” “amazing” “wonderkid” etc etc….. at least until he has played a few games and justified the tag to the masses that faithfully attend anfield and cheer him on?,…. i.e like Coutinho… who I think has lived to his hype and raised a few eyebrows on the stands….

    Good luck kid…. if you are half as good as your agent says then we will all be chanting your name.


  • Fred says:

    Here here… Well said Sanj… Couldnt agree more!
    Good luck to him though.

  • eddy says:

    Luis Alberto . . . another Pacheco for L.pool he didnt play for spain u21 and he is not playing for u20 also so … another 7 mil for nothing . Liverpool is great club but but B.R must buy quality players not just bringing young players for litle money and then after two or three years let them leave for nothing just like what happened the likes of : Pacheco , Wilson, Ince etc etc .

    • Dillboy says:

      Don’t build your hopes up on this guy . It’s all about fingers crossed and hoping which shouldn’t be the Liverpool way really but it seems this is what we have to accept these days. As for ince leaving us it was not Rodgers that let him go as your post suggests and to be honest from what I heard he and his father demanded first team football or bye bye so that’s why he was aloud to leve

  • Sean dundee says:

    Good luck son

  • Ani iloabuchi says:

    B.r you are trying, but make sure you sign henrikh mkhitaryan. Up liverpool fc!

  • john says:

    i’v not watch him played, so i cant rate him. hope this is not another joe allen that wil com and wil not be able 2 perform.

  • adetunji says:

    ????????????? A??????????????? welcome YWNWA

    • Rodgers says:

      Yes, welcome indeed. You can always walk alone (What a YAWN!), but you can never fxxk alone. YNFA

  • emmanuel osei-barfi says:

    grt Rogers but do well to complet herink quick.

  • Smartt says:

    Ei eddy De fact that the guy is no playin 4 spain u 20 or 21 does not mean he wont be a gud player. Coutinho all de same is nt in the brazil call up team but u consider him to b a grt player, so what’s dis stupid analysis. U can suppt clubs like man u, chelsea, and others if u realy think u cant cope wit us u ungrateful fan who cal himself a lfc fan ahh. BR gud job done YWNWA..

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