Player ratings: Swansea 3-1 LIVERPOOL

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The Reds manager was not happy with a lot of what he saw today

The Reds manager was not happy with a lot of what he saw today

It’s been a pretty poor week for Liverpool overall, with defeat a few days ago to Villarreal in the last 90 seconds being compounded by an utterly dire display against Swansea this afternoon.

Liverpool had the pleasure of a bizarre 12:00 kick-off, something the manager was quick to question, and it worked out about as well as you’d imagine for the Reds, with little left to play for in the Premier League this season.

But a morning kick-off shouldn’t make a difference, as the manager made enough changes to ensure that tiredness wasn’t an issue. As it was, it was those changes that actually saw Liverpool off the pace and chasing shadows, as a young Liverpool side couldn’t cope with the home team in the first half.

A European final is just 90 minutes away though, and all thoughts will now turn to Thursday. For now, check out our ratings.

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