The Many Irish Fans Betting on Liverpool to Win the League

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There is a deep kinship between the Irish and Liverpool FC, not just through players such as Steven Finnan, Ronnie Whelan, Bill Lacey, and Mark Lawrenson playing for a combined total of 35 years for the club. Liverpool is known as having a particularly strong Irish heritage, more so than any other city in England, most likely a result of the port of Liverpool being so closer to Ireland.

Liverpool is the one of most popular team for the Irish to support. This is seen with cover 30 recognised and official support clubs of Liverpool just in the Republic of Ireland alone. It’s no doubt that many of these fans at the clubs and around Ireland will be betting on Liverpool to win the league. We’ll take a look at some top betting sites for Irish players in this article, as well as the rising e-Wallet payment option from PayPal.

Advantages of Using PayPal as a Banking Method

There are many advantages to using PayPal compared with other banking methods at a sportsbook site. PayPal is a trusted e-Wallet, processing billions of transactions year to year, with around 400 million active users. If you’re looking for more reasons to why you should use PayPal for your online transactions, keep reading.

Minimal Information Sent to the Vendor

A huge benefit to using PayPal is that your banking details will never fully be shared with a vendor. By encrypting the transaction data, PayPal minimises the attempts for someone to steal and private information. This means only the minimum and basic information is passed on and never anything more, and this is exactly where PayPal excels over using your credit or debit card directly on a sportsbook to fund your account.

Safe and Secure

PayPal makes sure every transaction used with their e-Wallet is safe and secure by using 128-bit encryption SSL technology. Not only that, but users of PayPal can also rest assured that there is a dedicated team specialising in theft and fraud prevention.

In addition, many users enjoy using PayPal for the protection scheme it offers when buying something online. This means PayPal will reimburse the whole cost of an item – as well as the shipping! – if it is delivered faulty, arrives late, or for other similar reasons.

Quick, Easy, and Free to Make an Account

PayPal is designed to be easy to use, even for the biggest technophobes out there. Whether you are using a computer or using the PayPal’s mobile app, they have kept simplicity at the foreground. This e-Wallet also allows users to consolidate their bank accounts and cards into one payment interface, meaning that transactions online can be easily split between different sources within the user’s name. Another huge advantage to PayPal is that its completely free to register and set up an account.

Quicker Transaction Times

Like many other e-Wallets, PayPal users can enjoy quicker transfers of funds compared to using a debit or credit card, for example. This can be especially useful when trying to deposit and withdraw at a sportsbook or betting site.

PayPal also rolled out a feature called Instant Transfer, aiming to shave down the usual time of up to three days when transferring funds from a PayPal account to a bank account to within half an hour. This saves waiting for any winnings to arrive in your bank account from any successful bets, however this option does come with a small fee to facilitate this faster transfer.

Faster Payments

PayPal recently launched a new feature called One Touch, aiming to speed up the process of logging in. If a user decides to activate this feature, PayPal securely stores your log in details to whatever device you are using whether that’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means users will not have to fill out payment information, passwords, and billing information while completing transactions. PayPal aims to reduce the number of times sensitive banking information is needed to be inputting online, which lessens the chances of this information being intercepted for nefarious reasons.

Betting Sites that Accept PayPal

An advantage of using PayPal as a payment method is that many more betting sites are offering this option. Ladbrokes Sport, William Hill, BetVictor, and Unibet are such betting sites that offers PayPal as a way to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your betting account. The withdrawal times for these betting sites using PayPal are all within one day, much faster than when withdrawing back to your bank account which can take in some cases up to 7 business days to complete.

In addition, many of the sportsbooks keep PayPal transactions on their site fee free.

Find Reviews of the Top PayPal Betting Sites

If you’re keen to use your PayPal account at a betting site, but not sure where to start., don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! It’s possible to find more information and detailed reviews of the top PayPal betting sites at BetInIreland.ie.

BetInIreland.ie make is easy to find the best bookmaker for your preferences. On the site you can easily compare each bookmaker over areas like Welcome Bonuses, the different betting markets each bookmaker offers, the payment methods offered, their services, and customer support, just to name a few. This means less time searching all over the internet and more time where it matters – on the sports!

Final Summary

PayPal is becoming one of the most popular e-Wallets on the market right now. It offers a convenient way to transfer money all while consolidating multiple bank accounts and cards into one wallet. Also, with an easy to use app, it allows users to make transfers on the go.

However, there are some disadvantages to using PayPal that we think is fair to cover. It’s possible to miss out on some bonuses and promotions when funding your betting account with PayPal. While this might be a deal breaker for some, many people don’t mind. Always be sure to check the Terms and Conditions of the bookie to find out all the details.

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